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NOUN   autogamy | -
Selbstbefruchtung {f}
Autogamie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'autogamy' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Selbstbefruchtung {f}biol.

Autogamie {f}biol.bot.zool.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The hermaphroditic flowers are either self-fertilized (autogamy) or pollinated by insects (entomogamy).
  • Without the rejuvenating effects of autogamy or conjugation a "Paramecium" ages and dies. Only opposite mating types, or genetically compatible organisms, can unite in conjugation.
  • The flowers are either self-fertilized (autogamy) or pollinated by insects such as bees and butterflies (entomogamy).
  • "Drosera anglica", commonly known as the English sundew or great sundew, The odorless, nectar-less flowers do not rely on insect pollinators for pollination, rather setting seed well through self-pollination (autogamy).
  • Cleistogamous flowers are produced along with chasmogamous flowers on the same plant resulting in a mixed mating system that ensures reproductive success through autogamy.

  • This structure involves an efficient autogamy mechanism, that guarantees the self-fetilization.
  • Autogamy, or self-fertilization, refers to the fusion of two gametes that come from one individual.
  • "Cullenia exarillata" is an outcrossing species, producing negligible fruit-set under geitonogamy and no fruit-set under autogamy.
  • Self-fertilization (selfing, or autogamy) is more common in annual compared to perennial herbs.
  • The primary mating systems in plants are outcrossing (cross-fertilisation), autogamy (self-fertilisation) and apomixis (asexual reproduction without fertilization, but only when arising by modification of sexual function).

  • Most strains are haploid, mating very rarely and diploidize transiently by somatogamous autogamy (i.e. ...
  • The term xenogamy (along with geitonogamy and autogamy) was first suggested by Kerner in 1876.
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