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average current
Durchschnittsstrom {m}
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Übersetzung für 'average current' von Englisch nach Deutsch

average current
Durchschnittsstrom {m}electr.
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  • Oil-importing countries had an average current account deficit of 3.3% of the GDP in 2005, and oil-exporting countries had an average current account surplus of 12.2% of GDP.
  • The average age of the women at intake is 33 and the average current age is 35.
  • In some applications individual pulses are not counted, but rather only the average current at the anode is used as a measure of radiation intensity.
  • They estimated the average current pulse of the X26 at 1 ampere.
  • If the direction changes while the measurement is being performed the balls will drop into separate compartments and a weighted mean is taken to determine the average current direction.
  • As the display gets larger, the average current flowing through the LED must be (roughly) constant in order for it to maintain constant brightness, thus requiring the peak current to increase proportionally.
  • High average current densities lead to undesirable wearing out of metal wires due to electromigration (EM).
  • The market prices of products normally oscillate around their production prices, while production prices themselves oscillate around product-"values" (the average current replacement cost in labour-time required to make each type of product).
  • The same principle applies, and (for example) a current of 10 amps used for 12 hours each 24-hour day represents an average current of 5 amps, but an RMS current of 7.07 amps, in the long term.
  • Average current velocities at 1000 metres are directly measured by the distance and direction a float drifts while parked at that depth, which is determined by GPS or Argos system positions at the surface.
  • The voltage can be in the thousand-volt range, but the average current is low.
  • As the voltage to keep the nominal LED average current (100mA) varies with temperature and component tolerances, an AC-bypassed current sense resistor is put in series with the LED.
  • In addition, applying a trigger at a controlled phase angle of the AC in the main circuit allows control of the average current flowing into a load (phase control).
  • Power supply regulation (variation of voltage available with current drawn) is not an issue, as average current is essentially constant; AB amplifiers, which draw current dependent upon signal level, require attention to supply regulation.
  • There is no special nomenclature for EHT rectifiers for cathode-ray tubes; the EY51 and EY86 were rated at 17kV with an average current of 350 microamps.
  • In the Netherlands, for example, the law states that poultry must be stunned for 4 seconds minimum with an average current of 100 [...] mA, which leads to systematic under stunning.
  • Constant, instantaneous and average current are expressed in amperes (as in "the charging current is 1.2 A") and the charge accumulated (or passed through a circuit) over a period of time is expressed in coulombs (as in "the battery charge is [...] ").
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