Übersetzung für 'awesome' von Englisch nach Deutsch
ADJ   awesome | more awesome | most awesome
SYNO amazing | awe-inspiring | awesome | ...
awesome {adj} [terrifying, fearful]furchteinflößend
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]geil [salopp] [großartig]
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]fantastisch [großartig, ausgezeichnet]
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]toll [ugs.] [großartig]
awesome {adj} [terrifying, fearful]furchterregend
awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]großartig
Awesome! [Am.] [coll.]Wahnsinn! [ugs.]
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]spitze [ugs.] [großartig, erstklassig]
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]phantastisch [ugs.] [großartig, ausgezeichnet]
awesome {adj} [awe-inspiring]ehrfurchtgebietend
awesome {adj} [frightful / frightening]fürchterlich
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]hammermäßig [ugs.] [salopp]
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]stark [ugs.] [großartig, hervorragend]
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]affengeil [salopp] [bes. Jugendspr.]
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]super [ugs.]
awesome {adj} [impressive]beeindruckend
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]Hammer- [ugs.] [salopp] [Super-]
awesome {adj} [coll.] [great]obergeil [ugs.]
awesome {adj}überwältigend
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]klasse [ugs.] [indekl. Adj.]
awesome {adj}eindrucksvoll [überwältigend]
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent, exciting]irre [ugs.] [klasse, toll]
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]hammergeil [salopp] [bes. Jugendspr.]
awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.] [impressive] voll Laser [ugs.] [großartig, super] [in „Nein, Mann!“ von Laserkraft 3D]
Awesome! [Am.] [coll.]Das haut rein! [ugs.]
2 Wörter: Andere
absolutely awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]supergeil [salopp] [bes. Jugendspr.]
Awesome song! [Am.] [coll.]Geiles Lied! [ugs.]
freakin' awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]supergeil [ugs.]
more awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]geiler [ugs.]
most awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]geilste [ugs.]
super awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]supergeil [ugs.]
That's awesome! [Am.] [coll.]Das geht ab! [ugs.]
That's awesome! [coll.]Das ist der Hammer! [ugs.] [Das ist großartig!]
totally awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]supergeil [ugs.]
totally awesome {adj} [coll.] [used esp. by young people]voll krass [ugs.] [bes. Jugendspr.] [großartig]
2 Wörter: Verben
to be awesome [Am.] [coll.]abgehen [ugs.] [fantastisch / toll sein]
2 Wörter: Substantive
awesome sauce [sl.]geile Sache {f} [ugs.]
3 Wörter: Andere
just plain awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]supergeil [ugs.]
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Übersetzung für 'awesome' von Englisch nach Deutsch

awesome {adj} [terrifying, fearful]

awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]
geil [salopp] [großartig]

fantastisch [großartig, ausgezeichnet]

toll [ugs.] [großartig]

spitze [ugs.] [großartig, erstklassig]

phantastisch [ugs.] [großartig, ausgezeichnet]

hammermäßig [ugs.] [salopp]

stark [ugs.] [großartig, hervorragend]

affengeil [salopp] [bes. Jugendspr.]

super [ugs.]

Hammer- [ugs.] [salopp] [Super-]

klasse [ugs.] [indekl. Adj.]

hammergeil [salopp] [bes. Jugendspr.]
awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]
Awesome! [Am.] [coll.]
Wahnsinn! [ugs.]

Das haut rein! [ugs.]
awesome {adj} [awe-inspiring]
awesome {adj} [frightful / frightening]
awesome {adj} [impressive]
awesome {adj} [coll.] [great]
obergeil [ugs.]
awesome {adj}

eindrucksvoll [überwältigend]
awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent, exciting]
irre [ugs.] [klasse, toll]
awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.] [impressive]
voll Laser [ugs.] [großartig, super] [in „Nein, Mann!“ von Laserkraft 3D]

absolutely awesome {adj} [coll.] [excellent]
supergeil [salopp] [bes. Jugendspr.]
Awesome song! [Am.] [coll.]
Geiles Lied! [ugs.]
freakin' awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]
supergeil [ugs.]
more awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]
geiler [ugs.]
most awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]
geilste [ugs.]
super awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]
supergeil [ugs.]
That's awesome! [Am.] [coll.]
Das geht ab! [ugs.]
That's awesome! [coll.]
Das ist der Hammer! [ugs.] [Das ist großartig!]
totally awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]
supergeil [ugs.]
totally awesome {adj} [coll.] [used esp. by young people]
voll krass [ugs.] [bes. Jugendspr.] [großartig]

to be awesome [Am.] [coll.]
abgehen [ugs.] [fantastisch / toll sein]

awesome sauce [sl.]
geile Sache {f} [ugs.]

just plain awesome {adj} [Am.] [coll.]
supergeil [ugs.]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In the last scene, Barney wakes up next to a dumpster, proclaims, "I'm awesome" and stumbles away.
  • The awesome challenge was won by returning champions French team TSL – La Clusaz – and no other team was able to complete the course.
  • Both the leads had immediate successes following the drama as Farhan Saeed gained a lot of fans and released new awesome songs and Ainy Jaffri made her awesome movie debut in the movie Balu Mahi.
  • Mission: To create and perform Gospel music that will draw all people into the awesome presence of God.
  • The addition of an "Add new awesome application" button.

  • There are several local and foreign flower gardens here. Which made this institute look awesome.
  • →″Faugheen was just awesome today and we know he's still improving″.
  • It’s awesome, it’s absolutely awesome,” said Darcy Pettipas, the senior environmental technologist who for two weeks had been checking the ladder for signs of the fish.
  • The song also says the album title "An Awesome Wave" ("A wave/an awesome wave") which comes from the book "American Psycho", with a line in the book saying that relief washes over the character like 'an awesome wave'.
  • Unleash The Fan Boy referred to Star Mage #3 as “an awesome story” giving it a 9 out of 10.

  • Leveling up entails a newly earned title with the highest being rewarded at Level 59 being called "Sky Spirit", and a spin of the wheel of fate, and a new avatar as a reward. Awesome Points can also go to a Clan's total awesome, pushing their clan up the rankings.
  • Pasricha continued publishing one awesome thing a day until #1 Anything you want it to be was posted on April 19, 2012.
  • Window managers similar to ion include awesome, dwm, i3, larswm, and xmonad.
  • The eight track "Doushite" is an upbeat track with lyrics by Sunday and Stephanie. Pretty cool melody with a piano lead-in and awesome harmony and vocals. A very awesome track on the album!
  • Also released was a video named 'PEOPLE ARE AWESOME' which consisted of a compilation of 'awesome people doing incredible things'.

  • Julian Scott Valentin won the 2014 Junior Awesome Awards for being equally as awesome.
  • The name means "Thunderbolt", "lightning"; having an awesome and overwhelming effect.
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