Übersetzung für 'awfully' von Englisch nach Deutsch
SYNO abominably | abysmally | atrociously | ...
awfully {adv}schrecklich
awfully {adv} [coll.]enorm
awfully {adv}furchtbar
awfully {adv}entsetzlich
awfully {adv} [coll.]riesig [ugs.]
awfully {adv}ungeheuerlich
awfully {adv}schauderhaft
2 Wörter: Andere
awfully bad {adj}sehr schlecht
awfully bad {adj} [coll.]sauschlecht [ugs.]
awfully bad {adj} [coll.]furchtbar schlecht [ugs.]
awfully big {adj} [coll.]schrecklich groß [ugs.]
awfully boring {adj} [coll.]furchtbar langweilig [ugs.]
awfully boring {adj} [coll.]schrecklich langweilig [ugs.]
awfully boring {adj} [coll.]entsetzlich langweilig [ugs.]
awfully expensive {adj} [coll.]furchtbar teuer [ugs.]
awfully expensive {adj} [coll.]schrecklich teuer [ugs.]
awfully fast {adj} {adv} [coll.]verdammt schnell [ugs.]
awfully funny {adj} [coll.]furchtbar komisch [ugs.]
awfully funny {adj} [coll.]schrecklich komisch [ugs.]
awfully good {adj}sehr gut
awfully hot {adj} [coll.]furchtbar heiß [ugs.]
awfully hot {adj} [coll.]schrecklich heiß [ugs.]
awfully long {adj} [coll.]furchtbar lang [ugs.]
awfully long {adj} [coll.]schrecklich lang [ugs.]
awfully long {adj} [coll.]entsetzlich lang [ugs.]
awfully long {adj} [coll.]fürchterlich lang [ugs.]
awfully nice {adj}sehr liebenswürdig
awfully nice {adj} [coll.]furchtbar nett [ugs.]
awfully nice {adj} [coll.]schrecklich nett [ugs.]
awfully pretty {adj} [coll.]sehr hübsch
awfully well {adv} [coll.]sehr wohl
god-awfully {adv}gottserbärmlich
3 Wörter: Andere
ever so awfully ... {adv} [Br.] [coll.]ganz furchtbar ... [ugs.]
I'm awfully sorry.Es tut mir furchtbar leid.
I'm awfully sorry.Es tut mir furchtbar Leid. [alt]
3 Wörter: Substantive
awfully bad weather
miserables Wetter {n}
awfully long nosesehr lange Nase {f}
4 Wörter: Andere
I am awfully sorry.Es tut mir außerordentlich leid.
I am awfully sorry.Es tut mir außerordentlich Leid. [Rsv.]
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
An Awfully Big Adventure [novel: Beryl Bainbridge, film: Mike Newell]
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Übersetzung für 'awfully' von Englisch nach Deutsch

awfully {adv}




awfully {adv} [coll.]

riesig [ugs.]

awfully bad {adj}
sehr schlecht
awfully bad {adj} [coll.]
sauschlecht [ugs.]

furchtbar schlecht [ugs.]
awfully big {adj} [coll.]
schrecklich groß [ugs.]
awfully boring {adj} [coll.]
furchtbar langweilig [ugs.]

schrecklich langweilig [ugs.]

entsetzlich langweilig [ugs.]
awfully expensive {adj} [coll.]
furchtbar teuer [ugs.]

schrecklich teuer [ugs.]
awfully fast {adj} {adv} [coll.]
verdammt schnell [ugs.]
awfully funny {adj} [coll.]
furchtbar komisch [ugs.]

schrecklich komisch [ugs.]
awfully good {adj}
sehr gut
awfully hot {adj} [coll.]
furchtbar heiß [ugs.]

schrecklich heiß [ugs.]
awfully long {adj} [coll.]
furchtbar lang [ugs.]

schrecklich lang [ugs.]

entsetzlich lang [ugs.]

fürchterlich lang [ugs.]
awfully nice {adj}
sehr liebenswürdig
awfully nice {adj} [coll.]
furchtbar nett [ugs.]

schrecklich nett [ugs.]
awfully pretty {adj} [coll.]
sehr hübsch
awfully well {adv} [coll.]
sehr wohl
god-awfully {adv}

ever so awfully ... {adv} [Br.] [coll.]
ganz furchtbar ... [ugs.]
I'm awfully sorry.
Es tut mir furchtbar leid.

Es tut mir furchtbar Leid. [alt]

awfully bad weather
miserables Wetter {n}meteo.
awfully long nose
sehr lange Nase {f}

I am awfully sorry.
Es tut mir außerordentlich leid.

Es tut mir außerordentlich Leid. [Rsv.]

An Awfully Big Adventure [novel: Beryl Bainbridge, film: Mike Newell]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • HIV is evolving to a milder form but is "an awfully long way" from no longer being deadly and new severe variants are still appearing.
  • “Vitsin is awfully gifted and both of us together are not worth his finger”, his partners Nikulin and Morgunov said about him.
  • It is an awfully long way to haul ice climbing gear, but if accomplished the hiker will be rewarded with ascents of the lovely Twin Falls (100 m, WI 4–5).
  • Lopata had an "extreme crouch" at the plate, according to New York Giants star pitcher Sal Maglie. This made his strike zone "awfully small," in Maglie's words.
  • The "Los Angeles Times" wrote the dialogue "seems awfully childish even for teenagers", but liked the musical acts.

  • One review considered this ending to be "awfully contrived" but the novel was described as "extra-dry in its humor" and "ever so restrained in its melodrama".
  • Rahul Desai from Mumbai Mirror criticised the film heavily and gave 1.5 stars. He wrote that the film was awfully executed and the makers got the basics and technicalities all wrong.
  • Le Guin called "Drunkboat" a "wild jungle of language" and a "tour de force" which was nonetheless "overwritten", noting that it is "full of awfully bad verse" (noting particularly the millennia-old nonsense verses which Lord Crudelta "laboriously" explains).
  • In awfully muddy conditions, Auburn and Tech fought to a scoreless tie.
  • The film tells the story of six friends whose mountain trek goes awfully wrong.

  • He affected a languid, cosmopolitan style, smoking cigarettes such as Senior Service through a long cigarette holder, while his catchphrase was a drawled "awfully pretty".
  • Brian Lowry of "Variety" said "The Night Shift" is still an awfully weak blip creatively speaking". David Hinckley of the New York "Daily News" gave the show three out of five stars.
  • She pulled no punches, referring to herself as "the awfully frank and frankly awful Diana".
  • Sir Marmaduke was awfully tall; he didn’t fit in bed.
  • In Eastern Aleut, the final vowel may be elided before or contracted with the initial vowel of the following word, as in [...] ' 'he is bleeding awfully'.

  • How I shall be able to eat and move about I can't think; but Madge O—, who left last term, and who was that size, said you feel awfully smart, and, in fact rather a pleasant sensation when you get used to the pulling in.
  • Adverbs are usually of the same form as the verb root or adjective especially after verbs. [...] (Having a really good day). [...] (She's awfully tired).
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