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axial symmetry
Axialsymmetrie {f}
axial symmetry
Achsensymmetrie {f}
axial symmetry
Klappsymmetrie {f} [selten]
symmetrySymmetrie {f}
symmetryEbenmaß {n}
molecular symmetry
Molekülsymmetrie {f}
translation symmetryTranslationssymmetrie {f}
skew symmetry
Schiefsymmetrie {f}
symmetry element
Symmetrieelement {n}
pendulum symmetry
Pendelsymmetrie {f}
mirror symmetrySpiegelsymmetrie {f}
reflection symmetrySpiegelsymmetrie {f}
line symmetry
Achsensymmetrie {f}
radial symmetry
Drehsymmetrie {f}
radial symmetry
Radialsymmetrie {f}
rotational symmetry
Drehsymmetrie {f}
symmetry property
Symmetrieeigenschaft {f}
symmetry classSymmetrieklasse {f}
spherical symmetryKugelsymmetrie {f}
broken symmetry
gebrochene Symmetrie {f}
symmetry deviation
Symmetrieabweichung {f}
crystal symmetry
Kristallsymmetrie {f}
orbital symmetry
Orbitalsymmetrie {f}
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  • One Killing vector corresponds to the time translation symmetry of the metric, and another corresponds to the axial symmetry about the axis of rotation.
  • In "Vertical flow" axial symmetry exists and flow patterns are more stable.
  • A 4D "polyhedral pyramid" with axial symmetry can be visualized in 3D with a Schlegel diagram—a 3D projection that places the apex at the center of the base polyhedron.
  • In 3-dimensions, a surface or solid of revolution has circular symmetry around an axis, also called cylindrical symmetry or axial symmetry.
  • A particular type of axial symmetry is spherical symmetry. In this case, we have a function "f"("r"), where "r"2 = "x"2 + "y"2 + "z"2.

  • An example of pp-wave given when gravity is in presence of matter is the gravitational field surrounding a neutral Weyl fermion: the system consists in a gravitational field that is a pp-wave, no electrodynamic radiation, and a massless spinor exhibiting axial symmetry.
  • The axial symmetry presented by the McLaurin spheroids is broken at this bifurcation point.
  • The researchers propose that the implicit structure of the garden is designed to appeal to the viewer's unconscious visual sensitivity to axial-symmetry skeletons of stimulus shapes.
  • The chiral symmetry transformation can be divided into a component that treats the left-handed and the right-handed parts equally, known as vector symmetry, and a component that actually treats them differently, known as axial symmetry.
  • It exists first in a series of polyhedra with axial symmetry, so also can be given the name "digonal gyrobianticupola".

  • Classically, the axial symmetry admits a well-formulated gauge theory. But at the quantum level, there is an anomaly, that is, an obstruction to gauging.
  • Axial symmetry is a characteristic of all major Timurid structures, notably the Shāh-e Zenda in Samarkand, the "Musallah" complex in Herat, and the mosque of Gawhar Shad in Mashhad.
  • The side northern facade is without buttresses and has four axial symmetry.
  • This is in accordance with the model for collective motion (based on nuclei deformed from a spherical shape, but with axial symmetry) for which Aage Bohr, Ben Roy Mottelson and James Rainwater won the 1975 Nobel Prize.
  • A. J. van der Merwe and J.H. van der Merwe, "Dispersion Interactions Between Unexcited Molecules Possessing Axial Symmetry: Arbitrary—Order Contributions, " Found. Phys. 3, 297—311 (1973).

  • The layout of the complex shows bi axial symmetry around the chedi with the main and small [...] slightly off the east–west cardinal plane.
  • In problems of mathematical physics and applied mathematics, the Hankel, [...] , [...] transforms all may appear in problems having axial symmetry.
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