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vitamin B2
Wachstumsvitamin {n} [ugs.] [Vitamin B2]
vitamin B2 [riboflavin]
Vitamin {n} B2
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  • Vitamin {n} B2 = vitamin B2 [riboflavin]
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  • Since mathematics is related to logic, he cites an example from mathematics: If we have a formula like "(a + b)(a – b) = a² – " it does not tell us how to think mathematically.
  • Therefore, [...] and AC = /a.
  • Cyclin B2 is a member of the cyclin family, specifically the B-type cyclins. The B-type cyclins, B1 and B2, associate with p34cdc2 and are essential components of the cell cycle regulatory machinery. B1 and B2 differ in their subcellular localization. Cyclin B1 co-localizes with microtubules, whereas cyclin B2 is primarily associated with the Golgi region. Cyclin B2 also binds to transforming growth factor beta RII and thus cyclin B2/cdc2 may play a key role in transforming growth factor beta-mediated cell cycle control.
  • Note that b1 was entered in the list before b2, which forced processing b1 twice (b1 was re-entered as predecessor of b2). Inserting b2 before b1 would have allowed earlier completion.
  • At the 1988 Paralympic Summer Games, she won a gold medal in Women's Javelin B2, silver medal in Women's Shot Put B2, silver medal in Women's Pentathlon B2, and bronze medal in Women's Long Jump B2.

  • At the 2002 Winter Paralympics in Salt Lake City, Huemer won gold in the slalom B2-3, with a time of 1:50.74), a silver in the super-G B2-3,  and a bronze in downhill B2-3. She also competed in the giant slalom B2-3, where she did not finish.
  • She also competed in the women's short distance 5 km B2 and women's long distance 10 km B2 events.
  • She won the silver medal in the Women's Giant Slalom B2 event and the bronze medals at the Women's Downhill B2 event and Women's Alpine Combination B2 event.
  • Oberhammer first competed in the Paralympics at the 1984 Winter Paralympics in Innsbruck, Austria at the Alpine Combination B2, Downhill B2 and Giant Slalom B2 events. He won the bronze medal at the Alpine Combination B2 event.
  • After Tank crashed the B2 it was returned to Berlin and repaired at the Sablatnig works where it had been built. The B2 next attended the 4th Rhön meeting in August 1923, where Tank had a hard landing. The 2nd Rossitten coastal meeting saw many of the competitors flying over the dunes and sea, including the B2, which Möller was forced to land in and the B2 sank.

  • Hyman holds three patents: one in automatic meta-data sharing of existing media through social networking (US 7685132 B2), another in automatic meta-data sharing of existing media (US 7979442 B2), and a third in multiple-step identification of recordings (US 8468357 B2).
  • Therese Donovan is an Australian Paralympic swimmer with a vision impairment. At the 1984 New York/Stoke Mandeville Games, she won three silver medals in the Women's 100 m Breaststroke B2, Women's 100 m Freestyle B2 and Women's 400 m Freestyle B2 events, and two bronze medals in the Women's 100 m Backstroke B2 and Women's 200 m Individual Medley B2 events.
  • There are 4 exits, lettered A1, A2, B1, and B2. Exit B2 is accessible.
  • 2. We start with two ordered structures A2 and B2 with universes A2 = {1, 2, 3, 4} and B2 = {1, 2, 3}. Obviously A2 ∈ EVEN and B2 ∉ EVEN.
  • Black to move cannot make any progress from this position; the white king simply stays on b2 or b3, unless Black advances the pawn again, in which case the king moves between b1 and b2. Black cannot disrupt this without stalemate, for instance 3...b3 4.Kb1 Kc3 5.Kc1 b2+ 6.Kb1 Kb3 stalemate.

  • The Bladensburg Road-Anacostia Line, designated as Route B2, is a daily bus route operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority between Anacostia station of the Green Line of the Washington Metro & Mount Rainier Terminal in Mount Rainier. Route B2 operates every 10–20 minutes at all times. B2 trips are roughly 56 minutes to complete.
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