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bottom quark <b quark, b>
Bottom-Quark {n} <b-Quark, b>
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Übersetzung für 'b-Quark' von Englisch nach Deutsch

bottom quark <b quark, b>
Bottom-Quark {n} <b-Quark, b>phys.
  • Bottom-Quark {n} <b-Quark, b> = bottom quark <b quark, b>
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  • Panofsky Prize for having measured the abnormally long lifetime of the B quark while at SLAC's Mark-II.
  • In addition to Belle II there is the LHCb-experiment at the LHC (CERN), which started operations in 2010 and studies primarily the physics of bottom-quark containing hadrons, and thus could be understood to be a B-factory of this "next generation."
  • In July 2006, the DØ collaboration published the first evidence for the transformation of the Bs meson (containing an anti-b quark and a strange quark) into its antiparticle.
  • B-tagging relies on the b quark being the heaviest quark involved in a hadronic decay (tops are heavier but to have a top in a decay is necessary to produce some "heavier" particle to have a subsequent decay into a top).
  • The Belle experiments studied b-quark hadrons to research CP violation.

  • He was elected a fellow of the American Physical Society (APS) in 1993 for "outstanding contributions to the study of b-quark decays".
  • He then moved back to the US in 1991 to work at FNAL, where he led the construction and design of silicon detectors and co-led the search for the top quark using lifetime tagging of b quark jets.
  • The bottom quark or b quark, also known as the beauty quark, is a third-generation heavy quark with a charge of − [...] "e".
  • Following his junior year in college, he worked at Fermilab with Myron Campbell and Bruce Denby; he developed a neural network to find b-quark jets.
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