Übersetzung für 'babbles' von Englisch nach Deutsch
VERB   to babble | babbled | babbled
babbling | babbles
sb. babblesjd. labert [ugs.]
sb. babblesjd. stammelt
sb. babblesjd. schwafelt [ugs.]
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Übersetzung für 'babbles' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sb. babbles
jd. labert [ugs.]

jd. stammelt

jd. schwafelt [ugs.]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Johnson frequently wanders off topic and babbles incoherently, with references to Dominic Cummings (his Special adviser) giving him hand signals from out of frame.
  • This is an example of the usage of demonyms in relation to the ability of a people to be understood, comparable to the development of the words "barbarian" (one who babbles), "Nemec" (Slavic for "the mute one," indicating Germans).
  • He babbles some half-remembered details about the weapon, and one of Thorning's assistants realizes that Earth's scientists are working on something similar.
  • Erica babbles incoherently, apparently afraid of something.
  • We do not see what happens, but when Malka runs to Rivka's apartment after Yosef beats her, Rivka babbles about being pregnant.

  • He is interrupted a second time by the voice, after which Johnny once again reclines back in his wheelchair and babbles at his chihuahua.
  • Diz, overwhelmed, babbles that she told Nan to kill Lipa because he was going to cause the family to separate.
  • The group name "Mamamoo" is symbolic of the first time a baby babbles. In addition, it has the meaning of approaching instinctively and primitively like a baby.
  • In a study by Adrianne Cheek, Kearsy Cormier, Christian Rathmarm, Ann Repp, and Richard Meier, they found similarities between babbles and first signs.
  • the DIVA model "babbles". Each of these babbling commands leads to the production of an "articulatory item", also labeled as "pre-linguistic (i.e. ...

  • Variegated babbles contain mixes of consonant vowel combinations such as "ka da by ba mi doy doy".
  • Juhkental uses a surrealist way of writing song lyrics: first he just babbles, records the nonsense and then starts thinking what words these sounds resemble.
  • Alice babbles frequently, much to Arthur’s chagrin.
  • A choir of children can be heard in the second refrain, as well as Jade who babbles during the last seconds of the song.
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