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NOUN   a babbling | babblings
VERB   to babble | babbled | babbled
babbling | babbles
SYNO babble | babbling | lallation
babbling {adj} {pres-p}labernd [ugs.]
babbling {adj} {pres-p}stammelnd
babbling {adj} {pres-p}plappernd
babbling {adj} {pres-p}lallend
babbling {adj} {pres-p}schwafelnd [ugs.]
babblingMurmeln {n}
babbling [of a child, drunkard etc.]Gelalle {n}
babbling [of babies]Geplapper {n} [ugs.] [von Babys]
2 Wörter
babbling brookplätschernder Bach {m}
babbling idiotQuatschkopf {m} [ugs.]
ungeprüft reduplicated babbling [baby]Silbenplappern {n} [Baby]
reduplicative babbling
reduplizierendes kanonisches Lallen {n}
variegated babbling
buntes kanonisches Lallen {n}
variegated babbling
variiertes kanonisches Lallen {n}
3 Wörter
bubbling / babbling brookplätscherndes / rauschendes Bächlein {n}
4 Wörter
babbling of a brookRauschen {n} eines Baches
5+ Wörter
What are you babbling on about?Was laberst du da? [ugs.]
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
babbling starling [Neocichla gutturalis]
Weißflügelstar {m}
white-winged babbling starling / babbling-starling [Neocichla gutturalis]
Weißflügelstar {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • A final confrontation with Hellstrom left Gabriel irretrievably insane, only capable of babbling incoherently. Hellstrom left him in the care of the Gargoyle.
  • The name ' is a Latin word meaning chattering, babbling or noisy.
  • A significant first milestone in phonetic development is the babbling stage (around the age of six months).
  • Manual babbling is a linguistic phenomenon that has been observed in deaf children and hearing children born to deaf parents who have been exposed to sign language.
  • During babbling the synaptic projections between sensory error maps and motor map are tuned.

  • Manual babbling is structurally identical to vocal babbling in its development.
  • Leading the team on a final search, Mears find white hairs on a bear trail near a babbling stream, evidence of the rare Spirit bear.
  • and the stream 'Llafar' ('spoken', 'voiced') which flows nearby; thus the meaning could be rendered 'Ford on the (river) Llafar' with Llafar being a common name for streams roughly equivalent to "babbling" in English (e.g.
  • "N = 1:" This is the babbling equilibrium. "t0 = 0, t1 = 1"; "a1 = 1/2 = 0.5".
  • 1) A silent period when only hearing and observation are used for language input; no production (other than babbling for mouth and tongue training.

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