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VERB   to backtrack | backtracked | backtracked
backtracking | backtracks
backtracking {adj} {pres-p}zurückziehend
backtrackingRückverfolgung {f}
backtrackingZurückverfolgung {f} [selten]
Rücksetzverfahren {n}
backtrackingBacktracking {n}
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  • The algorithm can be rearranged into a loop by storing backtracking information in the maze itself.
  • In such systems, rather than backtracking, the system keeps track of some measure of success and learns which choices often lead to success, and in which situations (both internal program state and environmental input may affect the choice).
  • Some hobbyists have developed computer programs that will solve Sudoku puzzles using a backtracking algorithm, which is a type of brute force search.
  • In backtracking algorithms, backjumping is a technique that reduces search space, therefore increasing efficiency.
  • In constraint satisfaction, backmarking is a variant of the backtracking algorithm.

  • While working (starting in 1975) as a research assistant at MIT under Gerry Sussman, Stallman published a paper (with Sussman) in 1977 on an AI truth maintenance system, called "dependency-directed backtracking".
  • Beam stack search is a search algorithm that combines chronological backtracking (that is, depth-first search) with beam search and is similar to depth-first beam search.
  • Recursive descent with backtracking is a technique that determines which production to use by trying each production in turn.
  • Perl's corresponding use of arguments with backtracking control verbs is not generally supported.
  • Creation and roll-back of versions permit backtracking, as found in logic programming, though Claire's backtracking may cover any user-defined structure rather than just a set of logic variables.

  • Since, for any given backtracking or syntactic predicate capable parser not every grammar will "need" backtracking or predicate checks, the overhead of storing each rule's parse results against every offset in the input (and storing the parse tree if the parsing process does that implicitly) may actually "slow down" a parser.
  • At uncontrolled airports, pilots are recommended to broadcast their intentions while backtracking in the interest of safety; for example, the statement "Entering and backtracking runway 36" would indicate the aircraft is taxiing along a magnetic heading of 180 degrees, against the flow of traffic.
  • The eight queens problem is usually solved with a backtracking algorithm. However, a Las Vegas algorithm can be applied; in fact, it is more efficient than backtracking.
  • For example, a modification of backtracking line search known as unbounded backtracking gradient descent (see [...]) allows the learning rate to be have the size [...] , where [...] is a constant.
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