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NOUN   a bad odour | bad odours
bad odour [Br.]schlechter Geruch {m}
4 Wörter
to be in bad odour [Br.]schlechten Ruf genießen
5+ Wörter
to be in good / bad odour with sb. [Br.] [formal] [dated]
gut / schlecht bei jdm. angeschrieben sein
odour remover
Geruchsentferner {m}
solvents odour
Lösemittelgeruch {m}
odour [Br.]Odeur {n} [veraltend]
odour [Br.]Duft {m}
odour [Br.]Geruch {m}
odour [Br.]Ausdünstung {f} [Geruch]
odour-inhibiting {adj} [Br.]geruchshemmend
foot odour [Br.]Fußgeruch {m}
cadaverous odour [Br.]Leichengestank {m}
stool odour [Br.]
Stuhlgeruch {m}
odour-free {adj} [Br.]geruchsneutral
cheesy odour [Br.]schlechter Geruch {m}
mouth odour [Br.]Mundgeruch {m}
odour absorber [Br.]Geruchsabsorber {m}
odour signature [Br.]Geruchsbild {n}
foreign odour [Br.]
Fremdgeruch {m}
musty odour [Br.]Modergeruch {m}
odour perception [Br.]
Geruchswahrnehmung {f}
odour sensitivity [Br.]Geruchsempfindlichkeit {f}
odour-free {adj} [Br.]geruchsfrei
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The lake gets its famous green colour and unusually bad odour due to the result of pollution over hundreds of years and algae that is present in the water.
  • This irritates Shobha and she tells that it is unhygienic and she cannot stand the bad odour emanating from the mud-filled Raghavan.
  • The other common names "stink snake" or "stinking goddess" refer to this species' highly developed post-anal glands which, when the snake is picked up, are frequently emptied, with a very strong, bad odour.
  • The dusty air with bad odour has become a major threat to the daily lives of inhabitants of Sammanthurai.
  • Chlorine in strength of 22 ppm destroys "Cyclops" in 2 hours; although this concentration of chlorine gives bad odour and taste to water.

  • Some bad odour gives Ravi a vomiting sensation & he checks around but finds nothing.
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