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bad packingschlechte Verpackung {f}
packingVerdichten {n}
packingKonfektionierung {f}
packingVerpacken {n}
Dichtung {f}
packingPackerei {f} [ugs.]
packingPackung {f} [Dichtung]
packing {pres-p}packend [Koffer etc.]
packingPacken {n} [Kofferpacken etc.]
packingVerpackung {f}
packingVerdichtung {f}
packingAbdichtung {f} [Dichtung]
packingFüllkörper {m}
packingKomprimierung {f}
packing materials {pl}
Verpackungs­material {n}
packing upzusammenpackend
packing credit
Akkreditivbevorschussung {f}
packing industryVerpackungs­industrie {f}
packing stationVerpackungs­betrieb {m}
packing densityBauteildichte {f}
packing material
Packmaterial {n}
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  • In mildly dissenting reviews, NME had the initial view that the album was "packing angst-ridden, power-chord-heavy rock played at breakneck speed" and that "Divorce" is sprinkled with enough inventiveness to make it a success" with "gems to mine here", but ended by stating that "Divorce" is by no means a bad record, but nor is it a particularly memorable or noteworthy one."
  • This makes packing multicable back into coils also tricky.
  • Moe takes to the idea like ducks to bread, and the Stooges start packing.
  • Moe agrees, and the Stooges start packing.
  • After completing her GCSEs and A-Levels, Khan took a job in a card-packing factory where she would work while listening to songs she had made.

  • The ending has Ruben packing her belongings in her luggage case and shows her the door out.
  • The match was against Devonport United and saw Laird play in the unusual position of ‘rover’ amongst the backs with Marist deciding to only play 5 players in the forwards packing a scrum with 2 in the front row and 3 in the second row.
  • The supervisor of a banana packing plant, is the target of a union opponents.
  • Waks has been appearing on page six of the "New York Post" since the release of her movie "A Packing Suburbia" in 1999.
  • The team spent 12 hours a day from October 14 to November 11 packing up uranium (including seven different types of uranium some laced with toxic beryllium).

  • is sent packing because the judges feel that her over-confidence prevented her from improving her manly runway walk.
  • Another problem in this context is that the pharmaceutical industry obtains basic materials for its products from the meat-packing industry; for example, tissue extracts from slaughterhouse waste.
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