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NOUN   a bad person | bad persons / bad people
bad personschlechte Person {f}
bad personschlechter Mensch {m}
3 Wörter
bad-tempered personBullenbeißer {m} [ugs.] [unfreundlicher Mensch]
4 Wörter
person issuing bad cheques [Br.]Aussteller {m} von faulen Schecks
5+ Wörter
It doesn't make you a bad person.
Deshalb ist man noch lange kein schlechter Mensch.
person-to-person call
Gespräch {n} mit Voranmeldung
first person <1st person>
1. Person {f}
second person <2nd person>
2. Person {f}
third person <3rd person>
3. Person {f}
person-to-person lending {sg} <P2P lending>
Peer-to-Peer-Kredite {pl} <P2P-Kredite>
one-person tent <1-person tent>Einmannzelt {n} <1-Mann-Zelt>
two-person tent <2-person tent>Zweimannzelt {n} <2-Mann-Zelt>
badMinus {n}
badFehler {m}
bad {adj}schlimm
bad {adj}faul [verfault, verdächtig, schlecht]
bad {adj}
bad {adj}übel
bad {adj}schlecht
bad {adj}ungut
bad {adj}garstig
bad {adj}arg
bad {adj} [sick]
bad loans
faule Kredite {pl}
bad feelingungutes Gefühl {n}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Lipscomb said Trosch had "no public persona in the Church" but "was not a bad person" and "died in God's grace".
  • Because she doesn't want the Indian Beauty to have a good husband, Tally tried her best to make Singh a bad person.
  • The customer, just by looking at the attitude that the waiter is giving him/her, instantly decides that the waiter is a bad person.
  • However, the requirement of clean hands does not mean that a "bad person" cannot obtain the aid of equity.
  • Daniel realises that Wilhelmina is not entirely a bad person, and that he was handed the job while she truly earned it.

  • When he wakes up he has no memory of the last year and under his mother's instigations he's led to believe that Valentina is a bad person and he also believes Fabiola to be his girlfriend but it all changes when he starts seeing Ninfa - their maid in a whole new light.
  • Michael uses his powers to kill Agent Pierce, then feels he has become a bad person and a danger to Maria.
  • The moral prejudice includes evidence that will cause the jury to think that the accused is a bad person.
  • The agent, Thedala Magee, claimed that describing such an act as 'rape' constituted defamation, and that Alkon had described her as a 'bad person' for behaving in such a manner.
  • Maya is sent by the Kingpin to prove Matt Murdock's weakness, telling her that Matt believes Fisk is a bad person and that she is the only way to prove him wrong.

  • Victoria becomes embarrassed and eventually realizes how reinventing herself made her into a bad person, so she makes a public apology to the freshmen.
  • Her third film "i am a good person/i am a bad person" (2011) was screened at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival and prompted the Toronto Film Critics Association to award her the Jay Scott Prize for an emerging artist.
  • Scott rushes back to the apartment to find Ramona, who tells Scott that she is a bad person.
  • In other words, if a candidate's opponent is a crook or a bad person, then he or she should be able to tell the public about it.
  • Although Kelp knows that his alternate persona is a bad person, he cannot prevent himself from continually taking the formula as he enjoys the attention that Love receives.

  • As she arrives and prepares to confront her, Ignacio tells Hilda that Constance isn't a bad person; she had her heart broken, so he decides not to turn her in and forgives her.
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