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badger's burrow
Dachsbau {m}
badger's burrowsDachsbaue {pl}
badger's earth
Dachsbau {m}
badger's set
Dachsbau {m}
badger's sett
Dachsbau {m}
badger's skull
Dachsschädel {m} [auch: Dachs-Schädel]
Everett's ferret-badger [Melogale everetti]
Borneo-Sonnendachs {m}
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  • In more recent years fictional badger characters have become increasingly abstract, with thoroughly human characteristics and only the appearance of the badger.
  • It probably means "Great Badger" or "Sea Badger." The European badger produced a secretion used in Gaulish medicaments, hence a possible connection with a healing god.
  • Its name was referred to as Badger's Bay in early census data.
  • The film is about a solitary Eurasian badger who just wants to get some sleep.
  • 7. The badger shall be drawn by a strong terrier, with the assistance if necessary, and the size of the badger and underground conditions noted by the judges.

  • Best badger are brushes made with the finer and more pliable hairs from 20 - 25% of the badger's body.
  • In the parody series "Spider-Ham", the duo are parodied as Croak and Badger, a frog and a badger.
  • The book focuses on a badger, Lord Brocktree, and haremaid Dotti as they journey towards Salamandastron, the mountain fortress of badger lords, to recapture it from the wildcat Ungatt Trunn.
  • The Caucasian badger ("Meles canescens") or Southwest Asian badger is a species of badger native to Western Asia and some islands in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Another adaptation of the song, "Save the Badger Badger Badger", was released on 19 May 2013, in response to proposed badger culling in the United Kingdom.

  • It causes disease in the European badger ("Meles meles"). Its vector is the badger flea ("Paraceras melis").
  • The attacks against the rats have tired Badger out and he finds it difficult to move.
  • The 19th-century poem "The Badger" by John Clare describes a badger hunt and badger-baiting.
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