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NOUN1   a badness | badnesses
NOUN2   badness | -
SYNO bad | badness | mischievousness | ...
badnessSchlechtheit {f}
badnessUngezogenheit {f}
badnessSchlechtigkeit {f}
badnessVerderbtheit {f}
badnessVerdorbenheit {f}
badnessschlechte Beschaffenheit {f}
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  • In 1996, the film was saluted by the author of the "Cult Flicks and Trash Pics" edition of VideoHound, which says: "The film has become so famous for its own badness that it's now beyond criticism".
  • s Dog of the Year award "for badness in computer games", Atari division, based on reader submissions.
  • The novelist Anthony Powell paid the tribute: "David Magarshack has revolutionized the reading of Dostoyevsky’s novels in English by his translations which have appeared during the last few years … for years I was rather an anti-Dostoyevsky man, owing to the badness of the translations, but now there is an excellent translator in Magarshack".
  • s Dog of the Year awards "for badness in computer games", Atari division, based on reader submissions.
  • A numerical value called the "badness" is computed based on "S" and it measures how undesirable the initial approximation is.

  • However, Legalists do not concern themselves with whether human goodness or badness is inborn, and whether human beings possess the fundamental qualities associated with that nature.
  • Early in the 19th century, in the reign of William IV, the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland reported that the Glens of Antrim were "cut off from any reasonable communication by the badness of roads over mountains and slopes varying from 1 in 6 to 1 in 12".
  • 6% of its 73,000 domains identified as "bad", resulting in a badness index of 6.48.
  • A story about prosecutor named Jin Jeong (Doh Kyung-soo), armed with badness and grittyness, breaking the sanctuary created by wealth and power.
  • Additional research during this time explored ensemble coding in group attractiveness, shopping preferences, and the perceived badness of criminals.

  • It has been used in several studies as a stimulus to prompt children to identify kind and unkind actions, and the characters of Goofus and Gallant, as archetypes of badness and goodness, have been referenced in several works by philosophers.
  • To avoid this radical separation between happiness and suffering, Holtug appeals instead to the Weak Asymmetry: This allows to give extra weight to the badness of bringing miserable lives into existence but also allows to outweight small quantities by much larger ones when comparing suffering and happiness.
  • Sometimes catastrophes on this scale can be enjoyed precisely because they are so dismal, but this one has a kind of grinding badness that defies enjoyment of any kind".
  • This was to cover the Priory's property and debts following "unusually heavy mortality amongst their cattle" and "the badness of the past few years".
  • Anderson suggests that the quality of "heroic badness" has transformed the main character from a conventional hero to a clever slave who outwits his master.

  • Some readers and critics perceived the work as a "melodrama" with each character being a completely good one or a completely bad one, with a 1942 preface talking about "goodness" and "badness" used as evidence; Hellman responded in a 1965 interview that none of her characters were completely good or bad and that the preface was misinterpreted.
  • These sentences are bad, and one can explain their badness by acknowledging the status of the elided words as non-catenae; the elided words are not entirely linked together in the vertical dimension.
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