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NOUN   a barring | barrings
VERB   to bar | barred | barred
barring | bars
SYNO barring | blackball
barring {prep}ausgenommen
barring {prep}abgesehen von
barring {prep}außer im Falle [+Gen.]
2 Wörter
barring accidentsabgesehen von Unfällen
barring clauseSperrklausel {f}
barring gearDreheinrichtung {f}
barring order <BO>
Sperrauflage {f}
3 Wörter
barring a miracle {adv}wenn kein Wunder geschieht [Redewendung]
5+ Wörter
barring (the possibility of) rainfalls es nicht vielleicht regnet
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  • In November 2017, Döpfner condemned Kuwait Airlines for barring an Israeli passenger from a flight.
  • The plumage is mostly brown with white barring on the breast, belly and undertail-coverts.
  • Its upper parts are also plain brown with no barring, white notches in the secondaries and wing coverts.
  • On 30 April, Vanunu was convicted of violating the order barring foreign contacts and traveling outside Jerusalem.
  • Fetterman supports barring members of Congress and their immediate families from trading or holding stocks.
  • "Colaptes" woodpeckers typically have a brown or green back and wings with black barring, and a beige to yellowish underside, with black spotting or barring.
  • The "Don't ask, don't tell" (DADT) policy that began in 1994 barred the military from questioning people about their sexual orientation, but maintained the barring of service members who had come out.
  • 12 players were selected to be retained by each team, barring unavailability.
  • Sex-linked barring has been established as the dominant locus "B" by traditional mendelian genetics in the beginning of the 20th century.
  • A court order requested by the DOJ could include barring online advertising networks and payment facilitators from conducting business with websites found to infringe on federal criminal intellectual-property laws, barring search engines from linking to such sites, and requiring Internet service providers to block access to such sites.
  • Disclosure Scotland also operates the national barring service in Scotland, investigating those with a known history of harm in respect of barring from regulated work with children, protected adults or both groups.
  • Barring out is the former custom in English schools of barring a schoolmaster from the premises.
  • The cream of Australian batsmanship, barring one or two Test rejects, had curdled...
  • Six civil rights laws barring segregation were passed between 1890 and 1956.
  • The St Kilda wren is distinguished from the mainland form by its larger size and heavier barring, as well as its generally greyer and less rufous colouration.
  • However, their markings change dramatically as they mature from juveniles to adult fish; as juveniles they display barring all along their body, much like other members of its genus, but this disappears as they mature with the exception of the black barring around the head.
  • Only the female is overall fulvous with dark barring; the male is black with whitish barring.
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