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basil sauce
Basilikumsoße {f}
basil sauce
Basilikumsauce {f}
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basil cream sauce
Basilikumrahmsauce {f}
barbecue sauce <BBQ sauce>
Barbecuesauce {f} <BBQ-Sauce>
Basilius {m}
basil cheese
Basilikumkäse {m}
basil seeds
Basilikumsamen {pl}
basil oil
Basilikumöl {n}
basil leaf
Basilikumblatt {n}
basil [Ocimum basilicum]Basilie {f}
basil [Ocimum basilicum]
Basilienkraut {n}
basil [Ocimum basilicum]Königskraut {n} [Basilikum]
basil [Ocimum basilicum]
Basilikum {n}
basil thyme [Acinos arvensis]
Steinquendel {m}
Saint Basil the Great
heiliger Basilius {m} von Caesarea
Liturgy of St. Basil
Basiliusliturgie {f}
Ayurvedic toothpaste with basilayurvedische Zahncreme {f} mit Basilikum
sweet basil [Ocimum basilicum]
Süßes Basilikum {n}
Thai basil [Ocimum basilicum var. thyrsiflora]
Thai-Basilikum {n}
holy basil [Ocimum tenuiflorum, syn.: O. sanctum]
Königsbasilikum {n}
holy basil [Ocimum tenuiflorum, syn.: O. sanctum]
Heiliges Basilikum {n}
holy basil [Ocimum tenuiflorum, syn.: O. sanctum]
Tulasi {n}
holy basil [Ocimum tenuiflorum, syn.: O. sanctum]
Indisches Basilikum {n}
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  • Less commonly, pastas are eaten with a dressing of "pesto", a green sauce based on basil, or "salsa blanca" (béchamel sauce).
  • ... The tomatoes, onion and bell pepper are cooked with herbs such as basil, thyme and bay leaf), reduced in wine, then combined with the espagnole sauce.
  • A common first course is "rascjcatilli", fresh pasta made with flour and water in the form of small pieces plucked with the fingers and topped with fresh tomato sauce and basil or lamb ragout and a sprinkling of chili pepper.
  • The food, including tortilla soup and grilled red snapper with basil lime sauce, was prepared by three of the premier chefs in Texas.
  • squares and eaten with a simple basil-and-tomato sauce, extra-virgin olive oil, and occasionally topped with lumps of ricotta cheese and/or bits of sliced spicy red chillies.

  • It also is an agricultural town with fields of basil grown to make the world-famous pesto sauce, fruits, vegetables, olives for oil and vineyards.
  • In the United States around the end of the 19th century, spaghetti was offered in restaurants as "Spaghetti Italienne" (which likely consisted of noodles cooked past "al dente", and a mild tomato sauce flavored with easily found spices and vegetables such as cloves, bay leaves, and garlic) and it was not until decades later that it came to be commonly prepared with oregano or basil.
  • It consists of a pie shell with a filling of tomatoes (sometimes with basil or other herbs), covered with a topping of grated cheese mixed with either mayonnaise or a white sauce.
  • "Pesto alla siciliana", sometimes called "pesto rosso" (red pesto), is a sauce from Sicily similar to "pesto alla genovese" but with the addition of tomato and almonds instead of pine nuts, and much less basil.
  • Genovese basil (in Ligurian language "baxaicò" or "baxeicò") is a cultivar of "Ocimum basilicum" (sweet basil).

  • Famous food "binthe Biluhuta" which is made out of corn, shredded coconut, basil, and some fish or dried prawns.
  • is an Italian food typically prepared with pasta, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, basil, and various other fresh ingredients.
  • Pizza quattro stagioni is most often made by adding artichokes, tomatoes or basil, mushrooms, and ham, prosciutto or olives to four separate sections of the pizza.
  • Another dressing method includes the addition of olive oil, Pecorino cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, garlic and basil.
  • Southeast Asian cuisine includes a strong emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with a strong aromatic component that features such flavors as citrus and herbs such as lime, coriander/cilantro and basil.

  • Tomato purée and tomato paste have FDA standards of identity (since 1939) for percentage of tomato solids, and historically did not contain seasonings other than salt; in recent decades variants with basil or other traditional Italian seasonings became common.
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