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basinal {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'basinal' von Englisch nach Deutsch

basinal {adj}
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  • Deposition of thick basinal clastic rocks of the Atoka, Strawn, and Canyon Formations occurred at this time.
  • SEDEX deposits belong to the large class of non-magmatic hydrothermal ore deposits formed by basinal brines.
  • The Middle Jurassic marine formations are also extremely rich in marine invertebrates and drifted floral remains, while the Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous units display basinal and carbonate platform features (Bucur, 1997).
  • Global anoxia during the latest Pliensbachian and the earliest Toarcian occurred in close association with regional drowning of the lower Liassic platforms and localized deposition of basinal marls.
  • Witpoort Formation sediments were deeply buried due to continued basinal subsidence through the Carboniferous, and were subsequently metamorphosed during the massive Permian aged Cape Fold Belt orogenesis.

  • Within these inland seas, goniatites' greatest abundance and diversity appears to have been achieved in deeper offshore and basinal environments rather than in nearshore environments.
  • Two sequences are recognised, a shelf succession consisting of sandstones and siltstones of the Dornoch Formation and a thicker basinal succession consisting of mainly mudstones of the Sele Formation and the Balder Formation.
  • with three basinal areas: the German, English and Norwegian basins.
  • The basinal facies shows values of between 5 and 25% TOC, while the marginal facies present values up to 7% TOC and swell facies are much poorer in organic matter with values below 1%.
  • Evidence for fluctuations in relative sea level in the Crag Basin during the Plio-Pleistocene have been attributed to a variety of mechanisms including glacio-isostatic adjustments, eustatic changes and basinal response to sedimentary loading.

  • 6000 m of sedimentary rocks with varying facies from basinal and distal turbidite to deltaic and fluviatile successions which exhibits a generally regressive sequence.
  • The sediments that contain fragments of early cemented limestones of extra-basinal origin are called extraclasts.
  • The rocks are a generally regressive sequence from basinal facies to clastic sedimentation.
  • Historically this sequence of rocks has been subdivided in different ways with different names in each of the basinal areas in which it is found.
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