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VERB   to base | based | based
basing | bases
basing {pres-p}stützend
basing {adj} {pres-p}gründend
basing pointReferenzpunkt {m}
basing rateReferenzfrachtsatz {m}
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  • There are two main styles in an Acroyoga practice: L-basing and Standing.
  • WRG rules have been sufficiently widely adopted that other popular rule sets sometimes choose to adopt the same basing requirements for figures to avoid requiring rebasing of the large number of WRG-based armies.
  • Kuwait provided basing and overflight permissions for all US and coalition forces.
  • Cetona today is traditionally agricultural (vine, olive), but increasingly basing its economy on agritourism.
  • Warren Cheung began "Slash'EM" development in 1997, basing it on a "NetHack" variant, "Slash".

  • Monosyllabic languages omit with modifying words for informal speech, instead basing on context alone.
  • An honor society is a private society basing inclusion upon excellence.
  • secured basing rights to deploy RQ-4s from Japan, the first time that basing rights for the type had been secured in Northeast Asia.
  • On 25 July 2022 she arrived at the point of her permanent basing Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
  • There is a very strong consensus against basing selection of committee members primarily on the candidate's political views.

  • Computational complexity can be easily eliminated, when basing S5 signal analysis on algebraic invariants.
  • An initial basing plan located infantry brigades throughout the United Kingdom, with the three reaction force brigades situated in the Salisbury Plain Training Area.
  • It is equipped with pod propulsion enabling the ship to use dynamic positioning while sea basing.
  • Wes Anderson admitted to basing "The Grand Budapest Hotel" on "The Post Office Girl" and "Beware of Pity".
  • It comprises 2 970 basing headings which are amalgamated into 262 groups, 67 divisions and 10 sections.

  • Some of their most popular sets were (basing on the film), Iwo JimaThe Alamo (basing on the film) and more sets based in movies and series, such as The Gallant Men, specially in John Wayne and the films he was in.
  • Scientocracy is the practice of basing public policies on science.
  • The Titan I missile used a similar silo basing of the fourth Atlas version.
  • In 2012, Fraser criticised the basing of US military forces in Australia.
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