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to be IT literategute IT-Kenntnisse besitzen
to be literatelesen und schreiben können
to be financially literatefinanziell versiert sein
to be computer literatesich mit Computern auskennen
to be computer literatemit dem Computer umgehen können
to be computer-literate
auf dem Computer fit sein [ugs.]
If it's free, it can't be any good.
Was nichts kostet, ist auch nichts wert.
It's got to be it, right?Das muss es sein, oder?
literate {adj}gebildet [belesen]
literate {adj}belesen
literate {adj}schriftkundig
literate {adj}des Lesens und Schreibens kundig
literate {adj}lese- und schreibkundig
literate {adj}alphabetisiert [schriftkundig]
literate programming
literarisches Programmieren {n}
pre-literate {adj}
literate culture
Schriftkultur {f} [basierend auf Geschriebenem]
literate [person]Alphabet {m} [selten]
literate {adj} [able to read]lesekundig
non-literate {adj} [culture]schriftlos
to make sb. literate
jdn. alphabetisieren
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  • Originally aimed at the semi-literate working class (in that it replaced the text-based stories of the story papers with picture-based stories, which were less challenging for a poorly educated readership), the comic gradually came to be seen as childish (in part because, due to gradual improvements in public education, children were eventually the only remaining market for a format designed to be unchallenging for the reader).
  • It may be assumed that the charge was practiced in prehistoric warfare, but clear evidence only comes with later literate societies.
  • For example, some observers believed that it would be more realistic to train a literate workforce of low-level technicians instead of research scientists.
  • It was established by the Franciscans whose aim was to educate young Nahua noblemen to be Catholic priests who were trilingual: literate in Spanish, Latin and Nahuatl.
  • Literate programming is a programming paradigm introduced in 1984 by Donald Knuth in which a computer program is given as an explanation of how it works in a natural language, such as English, interspersed (embedded) with snippets of macros and traditional source code, from which compilable source code can be generated.

  • Aside from his razor sharp wit, Guybrush also seems to be highly literate, able to read long passages of literature and pronounce extremely complex words and phrases without having to think about it or sound it out.
  • The advent of printing in Europe meant that books could be mass-produced for the first time and could reach an ever-growing literate audience.
  • According to Goody, the Vedic texts likely involved both a written and oral tradition, calling it a "parallel products of a literate society".
  • Print capitalism also meant a culture in which people were required to be socialized as part of a literate culture, in which the standardized language of their nation became both the language of printed material and education for the masses.
  • The discovery of a single tiny stone seal (known as the "Anau seal") with geometric markings from the BMAC site at Anau in Turkmenistan in 2000 led some to claim that the Bactria-Margiana complex had also developed writing, and thus may indeed be considered a literate civilisation.

  • As written Malay can be understood by many literate people not only in Malaysia but also other Malay-speaking countries, many later studies advocate a Malay-derived orthography which may also prove to be beneficial in increasing the prospects of the language's survival.
  • The mestizo child appears to be literate with a satisfied grin facing his father alluding to the opportunity the child has due to his father being European.
  • However, many students do not attend school long enough to be considered literate.
  • The Sumerian archaic cuneiform script and the Egyptian hieroglyphs are generally considered to be the earliest writing systems, both emerging out of their ancestral proto-literate symbol systems from 3400 to 3200 BC with the earliest coherent texts from about 2600 BC.
  • Harris then argues that the proof of this knowledge is found in the Greek invention of "a literate game which consists, essentially, in superimposing the structure of a notation on the structure of texts".

  • Due to the demographic displacement that accompanied the end of the western Roman Empire, by this point most western Europeans were descendants of non-literate barbarians rather than literate Romans.
  • He claims that public relations is a weapon for capitalist deception and the best way to resist is to become media literate and use critical thinking when interpreting the various mediated messages.
  • Despite its condemnation by the clergy, the book enjoyed a period of popularity among literate laymen.
  • According to recent estimates, 85 percent of the population 15 and over was literate.
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