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to be issued
ergehen [Urteil, Aufforderung etc.]
3 Wörter
to be issued with sth.etw. erhalten
4 Wörter
to be issued in sb.'s name
auf jds. Namen laufen
5+ Wörter
sth. must be issued by the insurance companyetw. muss vom Versicherer ausgestellt sein
to be issued with a final sentence
rechtskräftig verurteilt sein
issued {adj} {past-p}beliefert
issued {adj} {past-p}ausgegeben
issued {adj} {past-p}emittiert
issued {adj} {past-p}ausgestellt
re-issued {adj} {past-p}neu aufgelegt
government-issued {adj}amtlich [von einer staatlichen Stelle ausgestellt]
self-issued {adj}selbst ausgegeben
issued shares
ausgegebene Aktien {pl}
newly issued {adj}neu emittiert
issued capital
ausgegebene Aktien {pl}
issued share
ausgegebene Aktie {f}
twice-issued {adj}zweimal ausgegeben
randomly issued {adj}zufällig ausgegeben
issued capital stock
ausgegebenes Kapital {n}
which are issuedwelche ausgestellt werden
recently issued securitiesneu ausgegebene Wertpapiere {pl}
issued stock {sg}
ausgegebene Aktien {pl}
newly issued bonds
neu emittierte Rentenwerte {pl}
issued {adj} {past-p} [stamps, currency]verausgabt
issued share capitalausgegebenes Aktienkapital {n}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The score to "An American in Paris" was scheduled to be issued first in a series of scores to be released.
  • However, if the error were to occur in the publishing house and remain undetected, the book would be issued with an invalid ISBN.
  • From 1978 until 1988, an image of Newton designed by Harry Ecclestone appeared on Series D £1 banknotes issued by the Bank of England (the last £1 notes to be issued by the Bank of England).
  • In 1484, during the reign of Richard III, the various heralds employed by the crown were incorporated into England's College of Arms, through which all new grants of arms would eventually be issued.
  • Initially licences were issued on a total allowable effort (TAE) but in 2007, the toothfish longline fishery became the first fishery in the Falkland Islands to be issued on a total allowable catch (TAC) basis.

  • Under the penal codes of the UK, those found guilty of espionage are liable to imprisonment for a term of up to 14 years, although multiple sentences can be issued.
  • In April 2022 NSW Heritage announced that Kahanamoku would be included in the first batch of Blue Plaques to be issued, to recognize his contribution to recreation and surfing.
  • Thirty days' notice is required before the order can be issued, and the scheduling expires after a year.
  • Trade with non-Party states is allowed, although permits and certificates are recommended to be issued by exporters and sought by importers.
  • A bankruptcy notice can be issued where, among other cases, a person fails to pay a judgment debt of at least $5,000.

  • Bald eagles cannot legally be kept for falconry in the United States, but a license may be issued in some jurisdictions to allow use of such eagles in birds-of-prey flight shows.
  • Hard-copy editions continue to be issued at intervals; the online WebDewey and Abridged WebDewey are updated quarterly.
  • Titles in the SACD format can be issued as hybrid discs; these discs contain the SACD audio stream as well as a standard audio CD layer which is playable in standard CD players, thus making them backward compatible.
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