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to be job hunting
auf Stellensuche sein
to be job-hunting
Arbeit suchen
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to be hunting for a job
auf Arbeitssuche sein
job hunting
Stellensuche {f}
Jobsuche {f} [ugs.]
job huntingArbeitssuche {f}
job hunting
Jobsuche {f} [ugs.]
to be huntingauf der Jagd sein
to be husband-huntingauf Ehemannsuche sein
to be house-huntingauf Wohnungs­suche sein
to be out of a job
auf der Straße stehen [ugs.] [Redewendung] [arbeitslos sein]
to be recommended for a jobfür eine Arbeit empfohlen werden
to be after a job [idiom]es auf eine Stelle abgesehen haben [Redewendung]
to be a Job's comforter
ein schwacher Trost sein
to be up to one's jobseiner Arbeit gewachsen sein
to be up to the job [idiom]der Aufgabe gewachsen sein [Redewendung]
to be on the job [Br.] [coll.] [copulate]bumsen [salopp] [Geschlechtsverkehr haben]
to be able to cope with a jobeine Arbeit schaffen [bewältigen]
to be away on a job [esp. in construction]
auf Montage sein
ungeprüft to be a rather fiddly job [esp. Br.] [coll.]eine ziemliche Tüftelei sein [ugs.]
ungeprüft to be a rather fiddly job [esp. Br.] [coll.] eine ziemliche Spielerei sein [ugs.] [österr.] [Tüftelei]
to be a devil / hell of a job [coll.]eine Mordsarbeit sein [ugs.]
to be out of a job [coll.] [to get the sack]seine Stelle los sein [ugs.]
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  • While candidate submittal can help to cut down on recruitment costs for an employer and help to make the job hunting process more efficient, it does require the candidates to spend time sourcing their own employment opportunities, a job that would typically be left to the recruiter to complete.
  • They can also be given a job to do such as hunting to satisfy their exercise.
  • Tombaugh was given the job of hunting for a suspected "9th planet" to be achieved by systematically photographing the area of the sky around the ecliptic.
  • NENU was named a "National Advanced Unit for Job-Hunting" by the State Council, becoming one of only four universities to be so named nationally in 2004.
  • These Carry licenses (called "porto d'armi" in Italian) can be for different reasons for sport, personal defence, job occupation (security guard) or hunting.

  • He did not want to get a job and his poor handwriting limited the scope of job hunting.
  • Whenever early residents weren't hunting and fishing for food that didn't have to be purchased at the company store, they could be found enjoying themselves at local dances.
  • Another recommended method of job hunting is cold calling and, since the 1990s, emailing companies that one desires to work for and inquire to whether there are any job vacancies.
  • Traditional unemployed native societies who survive by gathering, hunting, herding, and farming in wilderness areas may or may not be counted in unemployment statistics.
  • He himself went out hunting for criminals too. His memoirs are full of stories about how he outsmarted crooks by pretending to be a beggar or an old cuckold.

  • Putra realised that in addition to attempting to stop illegal hunting, his efforts would not be complete without discussing and confronting the threat posed by habitat destruction from illegal logging and palm oil plantations.
  • There are organisations such as the Greenlandic House that aim to assist recent Greenlandic immigrants to Denmark with job-hunting and finding long-term accommodation.
  • Serious about his career, the hero starts hunting for a job.
  • After a few frustrating days of unsuccessful job hunting, she arrived at the apartment only to discover that her relative had moved out leaving Underwood broke, alone, and homeless.
  • He himself still went out hunting for criminals too.

  • It is later discovered that the organization was also protecting him from the rest of the world who were hunting the name Michael Westen.
  • Stewart was first inspired to create "The Hunted" after having an unnerving experience during a hunting trip in West Virginia.
  • In the UK, a citizen can obtain a firearms or shotgun certificate in order to legally purchase and own rifles or shotguns for the purposes of sport and hunting.
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