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SYNO also | as well | besides | ...
besides {adv}außerdem
besides {prep}außer [+Dat.] [neben, zusätzlich]
besides {adv}daneben
besides {prep}neben [+Dat.] [außer]
besides {adv}nebenbei
besides {adv}zudem [geh.]
besides {adv}ferner [außerdem]
besides {adv} [otherwise, else]sonst
besides {adv} [in addition, also]zusätzlich
besides {adv}ohnehin
besides {adv}überdies
besides {adv}ohnedies
besides {adv}obendrein [zudem]
besides {adv}im Übrigen
besides {prep}abgesehen von
besides {adv}obenein [regional] [veraltet]
2 Wörter
and besidesund überdies
besides them {adv}außer ihnen
3 Wörter
But besides that, ...Aber abgesehen davon ...
4 Wörter
besides a few mistakesabgesehen von einigen Fehlern
5+ Wörter
What goes on here besides ... ?Was tut sich hier noch, abgesehen von ... ?
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The VHS tape or DVD, besides a video capturing appearance and voice, includes data tailored to the child's age group that can assist in finding children who might be missing for reasons besides abduction.
  • Besides being a journalist, Nageswara Rao was also a publisher of Telugu literature.
  • Besides considering production cost and quality, cake washing and cake thickness are essential issues that are important in the process.
  • The Royal Marechaussee is the fourth organization within the Armed Forces, besides Army, Navy and Air Force.
  • Besides the original Mascarita Sagrada, AAA have given the gimmick to several other minis over the years, just like Sagrada's Normal sized name sake, Mascara Sagrada.
  • Besides national and international news, the newspaper covers local news from Rosario and its metropolitan area (Greater Rosario), plus other towns in the region and four other provinces besides Santa Fe, reaching about 2 million readers.
  • Besides these, Unicode include additional format effector characters besides these, such as marks, embeds, isolates and pops for explicit bidirectional formatting, and the zero-width joiner and non-joiner for controlling ligature use.
  • Besides these facilities located in the centre of the town, there are also street football courts, gym facilities and basketball courts available at various neighbourhoods of Toa Payoh.
  • The name "Metaplanococcus" is derived from the Greek adjective "meta", translating into "besides" and the Latin term "Planococcus", referring the genus name.
  • The name "Metalysinibacillus" is derived from the Greek adjective "meta", translating into "besides" and the Latin term "Lysinibacillus", referring the genus name.
  • The name "Metasolibacillus" is derived from the Greek adjective "meta", translating into "besides" and the Latin term "Solibacillus", referring the genus name.
  • Besides him, other lawmakers where recorded in front of the same building.
  • Besides Ronnie, Jones was the only original member of the band until his death in 2020, and was the only member besides Radke to feature on every release.
  • Almost nothing is known about Ibn Isḥaq's life. Besides his unfinished zij, the only information about him comes from the North African scholars Ibn Khaldūn and Ibn al-Banna', which shows him being active in Marrakesh besides his native Tunisia.
  • Besides his media work over the years Baker has also attended the annual bishop's meeting as well as the International Synod in Rome.
  • "Suntaragaali" is a 2006 Indian Kannada language romantic action film directed by Sadhu Kokila and written by Ranganath. Besides direction, Sadhu Kokila has composed the music and also enacted in a supporting role.
  • Vintler cannot be considered one of the great poets of his time, but he was reasonably well-read, and had knowledge of both Latin and Italian besides his native German.
  • Golartek is situated besides Turag River. Besides Sha Ali Thana to the west it is bounded by Savar Upazila.
  • Unlike the simple primitive lore, the late Welsh romance "Culhwch and Olwen" weaves a much more intricate tale, naming many dogs besides Cavall in the hunting party, and the quarry is no longer just the boar Twrch Trwyth itself, its seven offspring (with names), and yet another boar named Yskithyrwyn besides.
  • Kilburne travelled extensively in Italy around 1875, and painted in Rome for three months, besides working in Venice at that time, and also in 1876.
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