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NOUN   beveling | bevelings
VERB   to bevel | bevelled / beveled | bevelled / beveled [Br.+Am. / Am. only]
bevelling / beveling | bevels
beveling {adj} {pres-p} [Am.]abschrägend
bevelingAbfasung {f}
tube beveling machine [Am.]
Rohrkantenfräsmaschine {f}
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  • The new logo maintains the original premise, but incorporates three-dimensional beveling effects coupled with white trim.
  • Finally, the ornate beveling around the various windows on the front of the M3 were flattened on the body of the M2.
  • The reference flat is slightly beveled (only a fraction of a degree of beveling is necessary) to prevent the rear surface of the flat from producing interference fringes.
  • ZModeler is capable of complex modeling and Importing. On later versions it supports important modeling functions such as extruding, or beveling.
  • Edge-truncation is a beveling, or chamfer for polyhedra, similar to cantellation, but retaining the original vertices, and replacing edges by hexagons.

  • However, beveling a punch will distort the shape because of lateral forces that develop.
  • After beveling or rounding the edges, fine-tuning adjustments are made.
  • Jigsaws with sole plates that have a beveling function can cut angles typically up to 45 degrees relative to the normal vertical stroke to make miter joints.
  • The defect is characterized by a rounded portion with a clean margin where the bullet first perforates bone, and a wider area with external beveling on the opposite end.
  • Beyond trigger work, more sophisticated modifications include replacing the stock hammer and sear with lightweight components, installing a high quality spring set and beveling the inside of the ejection port.

  • In his design, Leavitt attempted to solve the problem through the beveling and the new convex shape he imparted to the revolving cylinder.
  • inebrians" is harvested during the flowering period, beveling it with sickles, or by cutting it with shears at a height of about [...] from the ground.
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