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VERB   to bevel | bevelled / beveled | bevelled / beveled [Br.+Am. / Am. only]
bevelling / beveling | bevels
bevelled {adj} {past-p}
bevelled {adj} [esp. Br.]stumpfwinkelig
bevelled {adj} {past-p}geschrägt
bevelled {adj} {past-p}angeschrägt
bevelled {adj}stumpfwinklig
sb. bevelled [Br.]jd. schrägte ab
2 Wörter
after sb. bevelled sth. {adv} [Br.]nachdem jd. etw.Akk. abschrägte
bevelled edgeabgeschrägte Kante {f}
bevelled edge
gebrochene Kante {f}
bevelled style
Schrägschnittstil {m}
3 Wörter
bevelled edge tile [Br.]Facettenfliese {f}
bevelled steel square
Haarwinkel {m}
bevelled-rim bowl [Br.]
Glockentopf {m}
double-bevelled edge
zweifach gefaste Kante {f}
4 Wörter
propeller with bevelled edgeSchrägkantschaufel {f}
single-bevelled (cutting) instrument
einseitig angeschliffenes (schneidendes) Instrument {n}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • These included the walls of houses, cisterns, broken columns and heaps of building stones, some of which had "bevelled edges" which supposedly indicated ancient Jewish origin.
  • The antero-inferior border is thick, serrated, and bevelled at the expense of the inner table above and of the outer below, for articulation with the great wing of the sphenoid.
  • In front of the spine the circumference presents a concave, serrated edge, bevelled at the expense of the inner table below, and of the outer table above, for articulation with the squamous part of the temporal bone.
  • There was a cylindrical bevelled turret on top of the hull that carried a "Quick Firing" (shell and cartridge in one complete round) three-pounder gun (47 mm calibre) and four ball mountings for Hotchkiss machine guns.
  • Osteotomes are similar to a chisel but bevelled on both sides.

  • The sharp bevelled cutting edges sever the wood fibers perpendicular to the grain, reducing the amount of bending within the work-piece.
  • The northern verandah has a bellcast roof bevelled posts and iron lace brackets.
  • The beams are deeply bevelled and the bevelled joists resemble planks, both features typical of medieval timbering.
  • A truncated upland, truncated highland or bevelled upland (...) is the heavily eroded remains of a fold mountain range, often from an early period in earth history.
  • The blade can be welded and bevelled, toothed not rectified, rectified on both edge and surfaces, with pre-sharpening made by tools or grinding stones.

  • The verandahs are supported on timber columns with bevelled corners and square capitals, and have cast-iron valances and balustrading. Louvred timber spandrels run beneath the first floor verandah.
  • Like a third of the stations in the network between 1974 and 1984, all the stopping points are fitted out in the "Andreu-Motte" style, in yellow accompanied by flat white tiles for line 1, in red with flat white tiles on line 4, in green with the conservation of the original bevelled tiles for line 7 and in blue with the maintenance of white bevelled ceramic tiles on line 11.
  • The line 14 station has platform screen doors. The floor and walls are covered with bevelled white tiles.
  • The "antero-inferior" or "maxillary" border is rough, and bevelled at the expense of its inner table, to articulate with the maxilla; near the orbital margin it gives origin to the quadratus labii superioris.
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