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bikini-clad womenmit Bikini bekleidete Frauen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'bikini-clad' von Englisch nach Deutsch

bikini-clad women
mit Bikini bekleidete Frauen {pl}
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  • After seeing two pairs of shoes being hanged, the exit scene shows the roach directing a scene yelling into a megaphone as a bikini-clad girl says, “It's a wrap!
  • Mamee was featured in an experimental Thai film titled "Ma-Mee" ("Three Friends"), a partly fictional docu-drama in which she and two of her bikini-clad girlfriends (Jitraporn Panit and Penporn Poonsaem) go to an island for a video shoot, with the camera following their activities both on the set and off.
  • Some time prior to being cast as Tawnia Baker, Heasley made a guest appearance as a bikini clad co-ed called Cherise in a short-term relationship with Templeton "Faceman" Peck in season 2 episode 4 "Bad Time On The Border".
  • The music video was directed by Harper's producer/manager Jean-Pierre Plunier, and features Harper driving to a beach where he and his bandmates hang out with a group of bikini-clad women.
  • This ad also culminates in a bikini-clad Bingle asking "So where the bloody hell are you?
  • In 1982, "The Sun News-Pictorial" features editor Feyne Weaver was appointed "Australasian Post" editor: he immediately doubled the number of articles in the magazine and, while keeping the bikini-clad cover girl, got rid of all the "tit 'n' bum" inside.
  • The story introduces the character of Red Sonya of Rogatino, who later became the inspiration for the popular character Red Sonja, archetype of the chainmail-bikini clad female warrior.
  • "Summer Heat" is styled similarly to other arcade-style volleyball games of the era, where there is an emphasis on the sex appeal of the bikini-clad female characters as well as having the overall tone and atmosphere of a summer beach party.
  • Discreet cuts by the BBFC (mainly to saucy dialogue and the hotel fight sequence between bikini-clad contestants played by Barbara Windsor and Margaret Nolan) enabled the film to gain the more commercially acceptable A certificate (open to families) than the more restrictive AA certificate, barring entry to the under-fourteens.
  • American newspapers of the day ran headlines declaring: "Gay Nature girl gambols Down Under" describing the teenager as a "bikini-clad nature nymph".
  • A video directed by Duncan Gibbins was made at Pikes Hotel in Ibiza, owned by Tony Pike with scenes of George and Andrew on the beach, making eyes at bikini-clad girls played by their backing singers Dee C.
  • Jack LaLanne has a cameo as a man on a rooftop with bikini-clad women.
  • If enough are collected, players can access a bonus level called the Pleasure Dome where players can "collect" hundreds of blue bikini-clad blonde and buxom "babes" akin to other prizes in the game.
  • In 1993 New Order filmed a live performance of the song for "Top of the Pops" in Venice Beach, California as part of an episode of the hit TV series "Baywatch", featuring David Hasselhoff and various background actors and bikini-clad actresses dancing and playing on the beach.
  • MacKenzie introduced features such as nightly editions of 'Topless Darts' (featuring topless women playing darts on a beach), 'The Weather in Norwegian' (with a young, typically blonde and bikini-clad Scandinavian woman presenting weather forecasts in both English and Norwegian), other weather forecasts featuring dwarfs bouncing on trampolines and stock exchange reports presented by Tiffany, a young female presenter who would strip to her underwear as she read out the latest share prices.
  • The Parents Television Council, in their March 2006 report, noted that the show did not contain offensive language but expressed concern about the "nature of the violence of the show" in an episode where rats were released to psychologically torture Jerry and Clover, and the sexual content exampled by a sunblock ad by a bikini-clad woman.
  • The ad sparked controversy because of its ending (in which a cheerful, bikini-clad spokeswoman delivers the ad's call-to-action by saying "...so where the bloody hell are you? ...
  • The maids were hired to top up expired parking meters with coins and dressed in gold bikinis.
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