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NOUN   bioelectronics | -
bioelectronics [treated as sg.]
Bioelektronik {f}
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Übersetzung für 'bioelectronics' von Englisch nach Deutsch

bioelectronics [treated as sg.]
Bioelektronik {f}biotech.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • was born on 31 October 1911 in Sosnowiec, and died on 17 February 1993 in Radom, Polish priest, professor at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, father of Polish bioelectronics and electromagnetic theory of life.
  • Luca Turin (born 20 November 1953) is a biophysicist and writer with a long-standing interest in bioelectronics, the sense of smell, perfumery, and the fragrance industry.
  • Liu's research focuses on utilizing bioelectronics to investigate inquiries in the field of neuroscience, as well as to design diagnostic and treatment approaches for various conditions related to the nervous system and body development.
  • Inal works with organic electronic materials for bioelectronics, and the development of spectroscopic and structural probes to monitor the movement of electrons and ions.
  • Dr Bouchiat's research interests cover a wide range of solid state physics and multidisciplinary investigations which include quantum information, superconductivity, carbon nanostructures ( graphene and carbon nanotubes), bioelectronics and translational research research in medical sciences .

  • The lab has special interest in membrane curvature, nano-bio interface, bioelectronics, and neurobiology.
  • The lab has studied mixed ionic/electronic transport materials such as those used in bioelectronics batteries, and most notably in photovoltaic materials such as halide perovskites and organic photovoltaics.
  • Ghaffari's research focus lies at the interface of bioelectronics and biology.
  • Tak has studied the role of the vagus nerve in chronic inflammation, work which provided the basis for clinical trials exploring bioelectronics as a novel therapeutic approach in rheumatoid arthritis patients.
  • Owens began working in bioelectronics after a discussion with her husband, "I was a biologist specializing in infectious diseases, and he was an expert in physics and materials science ...

  • He participated in the establishment of a bioelectronics program at the EECS department.
  • The scientific and research activities of LTFN are focused on the areas of: nanotechnology, organic electronics, nanomedicine, nano-bioelectronics and thin films.
  • as well as bioelectronics and high-density microelectrode arrays.
  • The 2016 edition of the IEDM emphasized the following topics: advanced transistors, new memory technologies, brain-inspired computing, bioelectronics, and power electronics.
  • Professor Anthony Peter Francis Turner, FRSC, usually known as Tony Turner, is a British academic specialising in the fields of biosensors and bioelectronics.

  • This new material can be used for “on-skin sensors, body-scale networks and implantable bioelectronics.” The process used for developing these materials is known as photolithography which, when combined with novel photochemistries can generate the flexible materials.
  • His research interests are in polymer optoelectronics and bioelectronics, conjugated polymer physics and polymer electrochemistry.
  • Fast response to a stimulus is essential in variety of applications such as biosensing, medical technology, or as stated before - bioelectronics.
  • Galvani Bioelectronics is a Stevenage, United Kingdom-based bioelectronics R&D company.
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