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NOUN   a biofilm | biofilms
biofilmBiofilm {m}
biofilmbiologischer Rasen {m}
oral biofilm [dental plaque]
oraler Biofilm {m} [Plaque]
bacterial plaque biofilm [dental plaque]
bakterieller Biofilm {m} [Zahnplaque]
dental (plaque) biofilm
dentaler Biofilm {m} [Plaque]
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  • Biofilm {m} = biofilm
  • Biofilm {m} [dentale Plaque] = microbial plaque [dental plaque]
  • bakterieller Biofilm {m} [Zahnplaque] = bacterial plaque biofilm [dental plaque]
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  • Current challenges for biofilm-mediated bioremediation include difficulties in controlling the structure of the biofilm and, in particular, its thickness and porosity.
  • While the α-type PSMs are regarded as major cytolysins, the β-type PSMs are thought to play a role in biofilm formation.
  • Nitroxoline is an antibiotic that has been in use in Europe for about fifty years, and has proven to be very effective at combating biofilm infections.
  • aureus" biofilm involving nano silver particles, bacteriophages, and plant-derived antibiotic agents are being studied.
  • Biofilm PBRs include packed bed and porous substrate PBRs.

  • The primary aetiological factor for periodontal disease is plaque biofilm of dental biofilm.
  • aeruginosa" represents a commonly used biofilm model organism since it is involved in different types of biofilm-associated chronic infections.
  • The air flows through a packed bed and the pollutant transfers into a thin biofilm on the surface of the packing material.
  • The sand bed in the filters support a gelatinous biofilm or hypogeal layer in the top few millimetres of the sand.
  • somni" has the ability to produce a branching, mannose-galactose biofilm made primarily of polysaccharide.

  • The MBBR system is considered a biofilm process. Other conventional biofilm processes for wastewater treatment are called trickling filter, rotating biological contactor (RBC) and biological aerated filter (BAF).
  • There are three main phases of biofilm development and rhamnolipids are implicated in each phase.
  • Biofilms are an example of microbe-microbe interactions and are thought to be associated with up to 80% of human infections.
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