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NOUN   a blind cover | blind covers
blind cover
Blinddeckel {m}
blind cover
Blindabdeckung {f}
blindFensterrollo {n}
blindRollladen {m}
to blindblenden
blindRouleau {n}
blind {adj}
Blende {f}
blindFenstervorhang {m}
roller blindRollo {n}
blind arcade
Blendarkade {f}
blind arch
Blendbogen {m}
sun blindSonnenschutzrollo {n}
(Venetian) blindStore {f} [schweiz.]
blind fastener
Blindbefestiger {m}
roller blindSpringrollo {n}
blind nut
Blindmutter {f}
blind loyaltyNibelungentreue {f} [fig.]
blind landing
Instrumentenlandung {f}
to blind-stitch
mit unsichtbarem Stich versehen
to fly blind
blind fliegen
to blind stamp
mit Blindprägung versehen
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • As of 2019, The Blind Assassin is Atwood's second highest-selling novel after The Handmaid's Tale, having sold over half a million copies of hard-cover and paper-back combined.
  • Using smoke to 'blind' enemy observation is a form of non-lethal suppression and at night illuminating flares may be used to suppress enemy activities by denying them the cover of darkness.
  • One phenomenon travelers in hyperspace can experience is the so-called 'blind spot' should they look through a porthole or camera screen, giving the impression that the walls around the porthole or sides of the camera view screen are expanding to 'cover up the outside'.
  • There have also been technological approaches to increase the safety/awareness of pedestrians that are (unintentionally) blind while using a smartphone, e.g., using a Kinect or an ultrasound phone cover as a virtual white cane, or using the built-in camera to algorithmically analyze single, respectively a stream of pictures for obstacles, with Wang et al.
  • The jaguar attacks from cover and usually from a target's blind spot with a quick pounce; the species' ambushing abilities are considered nearly peerless in the animal kingdom by both indigenous people and field researchers and are probably a product of its role as an apex predator in several different environments.

  • In 1999, Sambora was a guest vocalist on the Stuart Smith album "Stuart Smith's Heaven & Earth", performing a cover of the Deep Purple song "When a Blind Man Cries".
  • Tony was the guitarist for Third Eye Blind until 2010 and previously played with heavy metal band Apocrypha and cover band Loveshack; Tiffany sang at Texas Station with Loveshack and at MGM Grand Las Vegas with Venus; Ron Jr.
  • The final decision was made in March 1995: the WNYC radio stations would be sold to the WNYC Foundation, while the City opted to solicit separate bids for WNYC-TV through a blind auction.
  • Some interpretations say that a veil is not compulsory in front of blind men.
  • If a player does not have sufficient money to cover the ante and blinds due, that player is automatically all-in for the coming hand.

  • "Electra Made Me Blind" was later re-recorded for "Sparkle and Fade".
  • Heavier rolling stocks can have up to several meters of blind spot.
  • The band's song "I Go Blind" was covered in the mid-1990s by American band Hootie & the Blowfish, and was featured on the first soundtrack to the TV series "Friends".
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