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ADJ   blinding | more blinding | most blinding
NOUN   a blinding | blindings
VERB   to blind | blinded | blinded
blinding | blinds
SYNO blazing | blinding | dazzling | ...
blinding {adj} {pres-p}blendend [grell, die Sicht nehmend]
blinding {adj}grell
blinding {adj} [coll.] [fig.] [excellent]blendend [fig.] [brillant]
blindingBlenden {n} [blind machen]
blindingAbblenden {n}
blinding [masking]
Verblindung {f} [klinische Prüfung]
blindingBlendung {f}
(elektrische) Abschirmung {f}
2 Wörter
blinding agony {sg} [esp. bodily]wahnsinnige Schmerzen {pl} [ugs.]
blinding concrete
Ausgleichsbeton {m}
blinding effectBlendwirkung {f}
blinding headache {sg}
blendende Kopfschmerzen {pl}
blinding layer
Sauberkeitsschicht {f}
blinding outAusblenden {n}
blinding sunblendende Sonne {f}
blinding trachoma [Conjunctivitis (granulosa) trachomatosa]
trachomatöse Einschlusskonjunktivitis {f}
3 Wörter
effing and blinding {adj} [esp. Br.]
heftig fluchend
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • A 2018 meta-analysis found that assessment of blinding was reported in only 23 out of 408 randomized controlled trials for chronic pain (5.6%).
  • According to Ramana Maharshi, Manikkavacakar attained salvation by merging in a blinding light.
  • Mee is an inquisitive alien resident. He annoys other residents with his blinding laser.
  • Blinding. Under Sharia policy of qisas (retribution), at least one case of punishment by blinding has occurred in Iran, when a man had his eye gouged out following his conviction for throwing acid in a woman's face.
  • The motif of the hero blinding Tartaro has both a classical and Celtic (Irish) parallel: Oddyseus blinding the cyclops Polyphemus in Homer's "Odyssey" and Lug hurling a spear or projectile into the eye of Balor.
  • The blinding of Zbigniew caused a strong negative reaction among Bolesław's subjects.
  • HB Station published several zines, including Du Zhongjian's "Testing of The Waters" and "Turning Stone into Gold" and Blinding blinding bright.
  • Had vainly spent her blinding storms.
  • The usage of lasers as blinding weapons is generally prohibited by the United Nations Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons.
  • Given the choice between execution and blinding, he opted for blinding and went into exile.
  • Vibration at the vertical component by the bottom eccentric weight significantly reduces screen blinding. Additional ball trays and Kleen rings can further reduce screen blinding.
  • In cryptography, blinding is a technique by which an agent can provide a service to (i.e., compute a function for) a client in an encoded form without knowing either the real input or the real output.
  • A key fragment (541) is spoken by a servant of Laius, boasting of blinding Oedipus.
  • Russia has reportedly been using blinding laser weapons during its 2022 invasion of Ukraine.
  • However, most nations regard the deliberate permanent blinding of the enemy as forbidden by the rules of war (see Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons).
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