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NOUN   a blot | blots
VERB   to blot | blotted | blotted
blotting | blots
sth. blots [stains]etw. befleckt
blotsKleckse {pl}
blotsPatzen {pl} [bayer., österr.] [Kleckse]
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  • Strong antibody concentrations, inadequate blocking, inadequate washing, and excessive exposure time during imaging can result in a high background in the blots.
  • In addition, Rorschach ink-blots are animated to reflect various samples in the track.
  • Doodles can be defeated by being turned into ink blots using Frank's pen. The player must collect coins that defeated doodles leave behind to pay for access to the game's various locations.
  • Alcoholic drinks are commonly used during Asatru blots but non-alcoholic drinks can be substituted.
  • The difficulty of getting two pieces on the same point means that both players nearly always have blots on the board.
  • On 26 October 1990, Roger Tsien, Pepi Ross, Margaret Fahnestock and Allan J Johnston filed a patent describing stepwise ("base-by-base") sequencing with removable 3' blockers on DNA arrays (blots and single DNA molecules).
  • The opponent must re-enter all blots that are hit before he can make other moves on the board and expose additional blots.
  • Image manipulations are typically done on visually repetitive images such as those of blots and microscope images.
  • DNA replication and transcription of DNA into RNA both rely upon nucleotide hybridization, as do molecular biology techniques including Southern blots and Northern blots, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and most approaches to DNA sequencing.
  • The Rorschach Test involves showing an individual a series of note cards with ambiguous ink blots on them.
  • PVDF membranes are used in western blots for the immobilization of proteins, due to its non-specific affinity for amino acids.
  • Curator Alexandra Loske produced a blog post about this rare book on the Royal Pavilion's official blog, in which all eight colour blots can be seen.
  • Epi-inositol has been found to regulate Yeast INO1 Gene Encoding (Inositol-1-P synthase) in animals. During the study with Epi-Inositol, Yeast INO1-expression was measured in northern blots.
  • Drawing on Gordon Allport's idea of the expression of self onto activities and objects, projective techniques have been devised to aid personality assessment, including the Rorschach ink-blots and the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).
  • Villalpando tailored his style to the nature of the work and to its patron. He employed rough blots and smudges to good effect, but used meticulous brushstrokes when required.
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