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NOUN   a board level | board levels
board levelVorstandsebene {f}
..., errors must be remedied at board level.
..., erfordert eine Fehlerbehebung auf Platinenebene.
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  • considered the need for founder centrism behaviour at board level to appropriately manage disruption.
  • Two other activities began in late 1992: BLLI (VMEbus Board-level Live Insertion Specifications) and VSLI (VMEbus System-level Live Insertion with Fault Tolerance).
  • Current mode logic (CML), or source-coupled logic (SCL), is a digital design style used both for logic gates and for board-level digital signaling of digital data.
  • Parent and Community involvement occurs at all levels of the school board system, from parental involvement at local schools, the involvement of local organizations at the school level and formal advisory committees at the board level.
  • The project sponsor will be a senior executive in a corporation (often at or just below board level) who is responsible to the business for the success of the project.
  • These designs are part of most Verilog or VHDL libraries. Overhead for this additional logic is minimal, and generally is well worth the price to enable efficient testing at the board level.
  • He was Brazil's Alternate Governor at the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), a member of the World Bank's Development Committee and a representative at board level in many other multilateral development institutions.
  • Ram Charan has argued for risk management early warning systems at the corporate board level.
  • The RAV4 EV prototypes also were equipped with on-board level 2 chargers and connected via a front fender conductive charger coupling made by Yazaki Corporation.
  • defined a computer interface that included implementation of a board-level computer installed in a chassis backplane with multiple slots for pluggable boards to provide I/O, memory, or additional computing.
  • The "Reset" talks also resulted in major changes and a process of modernisation at board level.
  • Overall BAME representation at board level was 8.9%.
  • In many larger organizations the procurement and supply function is led by a board-level or other senior position such as a Director of Supply Chain or a Chief Procurement Officer.
  • Hoban announced that he would be standing down at the 2015 general election, and it was reported that he had already taken up board-level roles at three businesses.
  • Schools from over 20 countries have included de Bono's thinking tools into their curriculum, and he has advised and lectured at the board level at many of the world's leading corporations.
  • The Central Bank "watered down" economic warnings about the property bubble in the run-up to the crash, blocked internal communication reaching board level due to the political interests, and "rigorously" concealed data from the relevant external supervisors on the large exposures of Irish banks to individual developers.
  • After keeping reasonably quiet since 1986 about the product issues, Petti tried in late 1988 to persuade Symbolics to adopt a software-only or board-level strategy; but the fourth president in four years would hear nothing of it.
  • Manufacturers may not support component-level repair of printed circuit boards because of the relatively low cost to replace compared with the time and cost of troubleshooting to a component level.
  • Perkins resigned from HP's board on May 18, 2006, over the actions taken by the board's chair, Patricia C.
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