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NOUN   a body odour | body odours
SYNO B.O. | body odor | body odour
body odour [Br.] <B.O.>Körpergeruch {m}
odour [Br.]Duft {m}
odour [Br.]Geruch {m}
solvents odour
Lösemittelgeruch {m}
odour remover
Geruchsentferner {m}
odour [Br.]Odeur {n} [veraltend]
odour [Br.]Ausdünstung {f} [Geruch]
odour trap [Br.]
Geruchsverschluss {m}
musty odour [Br.]Modergeruch {m}
odour intensity [Br.]Geruchsintensität {f}
odour signature [Br.]Geruchsbild {n}
delicate odour [Br.]zarter Duft {m}
fishy odour [Br.]fischiger Geruch {m}
odour-inhibiting {adj} [Br.]geruchshemmend
odour analysis [Br.]Geruchsanalyse {f}
odour test [Br.]Geruchstest {m}
odour class [Br.]
Geruchsklasse {f}
balsamic odour [Br.]aromatischer Wohlgeruch {m}
odour-free {adj} [Br.]geruchsfrei
odour elimination [Br.]Geruchsbeseitigung {f}
cadaveric odour [Br.]Aasgestank {m} [Aasgeruch]
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  • Believing that the killer thrives on media attention and hoping to flush him out by provoking his ego, Scarpetta, Wesley, and local investigative reporter Abby Turnbull (whose sister was the fifth victim), conspire to release a news story which suggests that the killer has a distinctive body odour due to a rare metabolic disease and implies that the killer may be mentally disordered.
  • In some cases the guide may instruct visitors to bend down to drink straight from a stream like a deer and prohibit bathing in a stream so the silt at the bottom is not disturbed and because human body odour might affect the animals.
  • It occurs very commonly as a harmless commensal on human and animal skin and is known for producing thioalcohol compounds that contribute to body odour.
  • She described them both as emanating a strong body odour, and that the mother's hair was matted to her head.
  • Gibson's team have created a new mosquito trap that can mimic human body odour and incorporates design to encourage mosquitoes to land on the trap surface.

  • Body odor or body odour (BO) is present in all animals and its intensity can be influenced by many factors (behavioral patterns, survival strategies).
  • There are numerous biological/physiological measures that exist that can measure sexual orientation such as sexual arousal, brain scans, eye tracking, body odour preference, and anatomical variations such as digit-length ratio and right or left-handedness.
  • In September 2005, "The Daily Telegraph" described how Parween Durani, another candidate, complained to voters that Farida had an offensive body odour.
  • It was also said to have a body odour similar to smell of jack fruits.
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