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NOUN   a brisk pace | brisk paces
brisk paceflottes Tempo {n}
brisk pacestrammes Tempo {n}
brisk paceforscher Schritt {m}
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at a brisk pace {adv}mit schnellen Schritten
to set a brisk paceein scharfes Tempo vorlegen
brisk {adj}rege
brisk {adj}lebhaft
brisk marketlebhafter Markt {m}
brisk tradelebhafter Handel {m}
brisk demandlebhafte Nachfrage {f}
to brisk uplebhaft werden
brisk {adj} [quick]stramm [Tempo]
brisk {adj} [expeditious]zügig
brisk {adj} [lively]belebt
brisk salereger Verkauf {m}
brisk {adj} [weather]frisch [Wind, Temperatur]
brisk {adj} [curt]barsch [kurz angebunden]
brisk marketflotter Markt {m}
brisk walkflotter Gang {m}
brisk windlebhafter Wind {m}
brisk firelebhaftes Feuer {n}
brisk {adj} [speedy]rasch
brisk steprascher Schritt {m}
brisk wine
Perlwein {m}
brisk champagne
perlender Sekt {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • He made his own way to Wolf Junction, Minnesota at a brisk pace.
  • 3 million English adults aged 40 to 60 do not walk for as much as 10 minutes continuously each month at a brisk pace.
  • Speciosa set a brisk pace tracked by Peeping Fawn, who moved to the lead with three furlongs remaining.
  • Vic Jackson was prominent allrounder, bowling off breaks at a brisk pace with a rather low arm that meant that he sometimes bowled a slow looping delivery.
  • negotiating its octave vocal dives with a grand finesse while taking the song at a pleasingly brisk pace".

  • He developed his talent for swing and seam at brisk pace through Bankfoot's junior teams, before helping them win the Bradford League championship in 1972.
  • In 1998–99, the development of CORDIS continued at a brisk pace.
  • Brother Derek took the early lead and set a brisk pace, followed by Lawyer Ron and Lava Man.
  • It takes roughly 15 minutes to walk from Westwood to the centre of main campus at a brisk pace.
  • Agincourt and Casual Lies set a brisk pace, followed by Pine Bluff.

  • Critics have generally regarded the series as a rather pallid continuation of "I Love Lucy", with not enough of the original show's brisk pace and memorable sketchwork, and an excessive use of celebrity guest-stars.
  • While traditionally sung at a brisk pace, Streisand's rendition became notable for its slow and expressive performance.
  • Bowling off-spin at a brisk pace, he took 1331 first-class wickets at 21.55, with best innings figures of 9-73.
  • The two rivals once again fought at a brisk pace, connecting with hard punches and refusing to change the fighting styles both displayed through their careers.
  • Rachit Gupta of "Filmfare" rated the movie −4/5 stars, stating, "16 December moves at a brisk pace.

  • An intermezzo at a brisk pace somewhere between a slow movement and a scherzo, in the form of a rondo with two episodes (in F minor and D minor, the latter "Bewegter").
  • They move slowly at night, but are known to run at a brisk pace for short distances during the day.
  • His daily walk would start before dawn and typically take about an hour at a brisk pace, taking in much of the local area, especially along the Lea and the local canal network.
  • It also suggests the "best teaching" included a brisk pace, engaging children's interest with multi-sensory activities and stimulating resources, praise for effort and achievement; and above all, the full backing of the headteacher.
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