Übersetzung für 'by proxy' von Englisch nach Deutsch
by proxy {adj} {adv}stellvertretend
by proxy {adv}in Stellvertretung
by proxy {adv}durch bevollmächtigte Vertretung
by proxy {adv}durch einen Vertreter [Stellvertreter]
by proxy {adv} <p.p.>per Prokura <pp., ppa.>
by proxy {adv} <p.p.>im Auftrag <i. A., I. A.>
by proxy {adv} <p.p.>in Vertretung <i. V., I. V.>
3 Wörter: Andere
married by proxy {adj} {past-p}ferngetraut
3 Wörter: Verben
to act by proxysich vertreten lassen
to do sth. by proxyetw. in Vertretung tun
to marry by proxyüber einen Bevollmächtigten heiraten
to marry sb. by proxyjdn. ferntrauen
to vote by proxydurch einen Vertreter wählen
3 Wörter: Substantive
marriage by proxyFerntrauung {f}
marriage by proxy
Handschuhehe {f} [Trauung per Stellvertreter]
4 Wörter: Substantive
factitious disorder by proxy <FDP>
Münchhausen-Stellvertreter-Syndrom {n}
Munchausen by proxy syndrome <MBPS>
Münchhausen-Stellvertreter-Syndrom {n}
proxyVertretung {f} [Stellvertreter]
Handlungs­bevollmächtigter {m}
proxyProkura {f}
bevollmächtigter Geschäftsbesorger {m}
proxyVertreter {m} [Stellvertreter, Bevollmächtigter]
proxyStellvertretung {f}
proxyProkurist {m}
proxyStellvertreter {m}
Erfüllungs­gehilfe {m}
Stimmrechtsbevollmächtigter {m}
proxy variableProxy-Variable {f}
proxy [female]Stellvertreterin {f}
proxy variableNäherungs­variable {f}
authorized proxyberechtigter Vertreter {m}
proxy consent
stellvertretende Zustimmung / Einwilligung {f} [aufgrund der Meinung von Außenstehenden, z. B. von Angehörigen]
proxy agentbevollmächtigter Vertreter {m}
proxy signaturebevollmächtigte Unterschrift {f}
per proxy {adv}per Prokura
proxy server
Proxy-Server {m} [Vermittlungs­server]
proxy baptism
Totentaufe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'by proxy' von Englisch nach Deutsch

by proxy {adj} {adv}
by proxy {adv}
in Stellvertretung

durch bevollmächtigte Vertretung

durch einen Vertreter [Stellvertreter]
by proxy {adv} <p.p.>
per Prokura <pp., ppa.>

im Auftrag <i. A., I. A.>

in Vertretung <i. V., I. V.>

married by proxy {adj} {past-p}

to act by proxy
sich vertreten lassen
to do sth. by proxy
etw. in Vertretung tun
to marry by proxy
über einen Bevollmächtigten heiraten
to marry sb. by proxy
jdn. ferntrauen
to vote by proxy
durch einen Vertreter wählen

marriage by proxy
Ferntrauung {f}

Handschuhehe {f} [Trauung per Stellvertreter]hist.law

factitious disorder by proxy <FDP>
Münchhausen-Stellvertreter-Syndrom {n}psych.
Munchausen by proxy syndrome <MBPS>
Münchhausen-Stellvertreter-Syndrom {n}psych.

Vertretung {f} [Stellvertreter]

Handlungs­bevollmächtigter {m}law

Prokura {f}

bevollmächtigter Geschäftsbesorger {m}law

Vertreter {m} [Stellvertreter, Bevollmächtigter]

Stellvertretung {f}

Prokurist {m}

Stellvertreter {m}

Erfüllungs­gehilfe {m}law

Stimmrechtsbevollmächtigter {m}law
proxy variable
Proxy-Variable {f}

Näherungs­variable {f}
proxy [female]
Stellvertreterin {f}
authorized proxy
berechtigter Vertreter {m}
proxy consent
stellvertretende Zustimmung / Einwilligung {f} [aufgrund der Meinung von Außenstehenden, z. B. von Angehörigen]lawmed.
proxy agent
bevollmächtigter Vertreter {m}
proxy signature
bevollmächtigte Unterschrift {f}
per proxy {adv}
per Prokura
proxy server
Proxy-Server {m} [Vermittlungs­server]comp.
proxy baptism
Totentaufe {f}relig.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • To this end, he married Jones by proxy, which infuriated the prison's administrators, who would not allow him to correspond with his wife.
  • In Vienna on 26 September 1819 (by proxy) and again in Dresden on 7 October 1819 (in person), Frederick Augustus married firstly with the Archduchess Maria Caroline of Austria (Maria Karoline Ferdinande Theresia Josephine Demetria), daughter of Emperor Francis I of Austria.
  • In Naples on 15 August 1790 by proxy and in Vienna on 19 September 1790 in person, Ferdinand married firstly his double first cousin, Princess Luisa of Naples and Sicily (1773-1802), daughter of Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies and Maria Carolina of Austria.
  • But it is not clear whether this could be a direct or casual association or link between serum uric acid concentration (and by proxy, xanthine oxidase activity) and cardiovascular health.
  • Michael III stood as sponsor, by proxy, for Boris at his baptism.

  • On 11 March 1810 by proxy, he married the 19-year-old Marie Louise, Archduchess of Austria, and a great-niece of Marie Antoinette. Thus he had married into a German royal and imperial family.
  • Marie Louise was married by proxy to Napoleon on 11 March 1810 at the Augustinian Church, Vienna.
  • Perry, the town apothecary who is frequently mentioned in the town gossip, but never appears in the book, having a "kind of familiarity by proxy".
  • This is considered “Munchausen by proxy” and the drive to create symptoms for the victim can result in unnecessary and costly diagnostic or corrective procedures.
  • In the documentary "Murder by Proxy: How America Went Postal", it was argued that this number failed to factor out workers killed by external subjects rather than by fellow employees.

  • Meadow acknowledged that 1-in-73 million is not an impossibility, but argued that such accidents would happen "once every hundred years" and that, in a country of 15 million 2-child families, it is vastly more likely that the double-deaths are due to Münchausen syndrome by proxy than to such a rare accident.
  • Where asymmetric warfare is carried out (generally covertly) by allegedly non-governmental actors who are connected to or sympathetic to a particular nation's (the "state actor's") interest, it may be deemed "war by proxy."
  • Oscar would eventually marry Josephine, first by proxy at the Leuchtenberg Palace in Munich on 22 May 1823 and in person at a wedding ceremony conducted in Stockholm on 19 June 1823.
  • Subjects have included eccentric evangelist Creflo Dollar, the different ways in which humans perceive the passage of time, and Münchausen syndrome by proxy.
  • In Turin on 29 September 1781 (by proxy) and again in Dresden on 24 October 1781 (in person), Anthony married firstly with the Princess Maria Carolina of Savoy, daughter of the King Victor Amadeus III of Sardinia and Maria Antonietta of Spain.

  • Scala treats all operators as methods and thus allows operator overloading by proxy.
  • The development was the reflection of sensitivity towards direct foreign invasion or invasion by proxy state during the turbulent years of the late 1980s and early 1990s, for example: the unauthorised presence of a US aircraft carrier Battle Group in Myanmar's territorial waters during the 1988 political uprising as evidence of an infringement of Myanmar's sovereignty.
  • The contract of marriage between Anne Marie and the Duke of Savoy was signed at Versailles on 9 April; On 10 April 1684, Anne Marie was married at Versailles, by proxy, to Victor Amadeus.
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