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ca'canny [Br.]Bummelstreik {m}
ca'cannyäußerste Vorsicht {f}
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Übersetzung für 'ca'canny' von Englisch nach Deutsch

ca'canny [Br.]
Bummelstreik {m}
äußerste Vorsicht {f}
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  • She has three sisters, Mitzi (Lodi, CA), Stephanie Dickinson (Redlands, CA) and Tiffany (Orange County, CA).
  • On the Tuesday morning of 17 June 2003, Canny Ong's remains were discovered by a construction site manager. She was found with a cloth around her neck, her hands crossed over her chest and her legs dangling out of the hole. The police, having received reports of Canny Ong's disappearance, arrived at the scene and brought the body for forensic tests. Canny Ong's family was contacted to identify her body. The abandoned Proton Tiara was also discovered by police.
  • CA Câmpulung Moldovenesc, CA Cluj and CA Craiova were excluded from the championship. The army teams (CA) were abolished in the summer of 1953, except for CCA București.
  • The Caproni Ca.61 and Ca.61a were the final evolution of the Caproni Ca.1 bomber of 1914. The Ca.61 retained the twin boom biplane layout, the three engines in push-pull configuration and the approximate dimensions of the 1916 Ca.36, the main Ca.3 type production variant, but had more modern, streamlined structures and balanced rudders.
  • Suances is connected to the rest of Cantabria by two main autonomical roads (CA-132 to Viveda and CA-136 to Santillana del Mar), and four minor roads: CA-340, CA-341, CA-342 and CA-351.
  • The Cả pass (Đèo Cả) is a mountain pass in Phú Yên Province, Vietnam. The mountains are known as the Cả pass mountains (núi Cả Đèo). Historically the Cả Pass was the second most difficult col in Vietnam after Hải Vân Pass. In 1611, the Nguyen pushed their border down to Cả Pass.
  • The Canny edge detector is an edge detection operator that uses a multi-stage algorithm to detect a wide range of edges in images. It was developed by John F. Canny in 1986. Canny also produced a "computational theory of edge detection" explaining why the technique works.
  • 3rd CA Battalion, 521st CA Battalion, and 522nd CA Battalion, disbanded 15 September 1945 at Fort MacArthur, California.
  • The "Dream Dice" (1998) set include the CD "Ça Va — Ça Marche — Ça Ira Encore" (1998) which includes the tracks "Ça Va — Ça Marche — Ça Ira Encore", "Tutankhama" and "Craving For Cardomon". All three tracks were released on the bootleg "Traumzeit" (1998) "Ça Va — Ça Marche — Ça Ira Encore" and "Tutankhama" were later released on "Tang-go" (2000), while "Tutankhama" was officially released only in remixed versions.
  • The Canny–Deriche detector was derived from similar mathematical criteria as the Canny edge detector, although starting from a discrete viewpoint and then leading to a set of recursive filters for image smoothing instead of exponential filters or Gaussian filters.
  • Nearby historic buildings include Cottesbrooke Hall and estate ca. [...] north; Holdenby House and Althorp ca. [...] and [...] south respectively; Coton Manor Garden and Ravensthorpe Reservoir both ca. [...] west; the 7th Century Saxon church at Brixworth ca. [...] east.
  • The heavy cruiser [...] (ca. 1935), the last 2 of the [...] light cruisers (ca. 1937), the [...] of battleships(ca. 1937) and the [...] aircraft carriers (ca. 1934) were originally built with the more modern 5-inch/38 guns.
  • Canny-sur-Thérain ([...] , literally "Canny on Thérain") is a commune in the Oise department in northern France.
  • The pre-colonial history of Pohnpei is divided into three stages: Mwehin Kawa or Mwehin Aramas (ca. 1100); Mwehin Sau Deleur (from ca. 1100 to ca. 1628); and Mwehin Nahnmwarki (from ca. 1628 to ca. 1885).
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