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Übersetzung für 'cabala' von Englisch nach Deutsch

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Geheimlehre {f}esot.relig.
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  • The titular "Comte de Gabalis" ("Count of Cabala") is an occultist who explains the mysteries of the world to the author.
  • It is often transliterated as Cabala (also "Cabbala") to distinguish it from the Jewish form and from Hermetic Qabalah.
  • He became associated with the Ḥasidim in that community and with their "rabbi," Menachem Mendel of Kotzk, with whose son David he spent some time studying Jewish philosophy and Cabala.
  • As a true disciple of Samuel David Luzzatto he was a strong opponent of Cabala, which involved him in a heated controversy with Elijah Benamozegh.
  • He settled early in Italy, and at one time seems to have attended the lectures on Cabala and philosophy at the University of Bologna, devoting himself to the interpretation of cabalistic and scientific works.

  • "Bet Ya'ar ha-Lebanon," in four parts, discusses Cabala, metaphysics, and natural history. The thirtieth chapter of the second part was published by Reggio in his "Iggerot Yashar" (Vienna, 1834).
  • His writings include the "Aperta Arca arcani artificiosissimi" (1617). and a "Cabala Chymica" (1658).
  • In that interview Hall indicated that in 1974 he began a serious study of esoteric spirituality, reading books on topics like the cabala, the ancient Celts, and the traditions of the Druids.
  • In Augsburg on becoming a printmaker he published "Cabala, Spiegel der Kunst und Natur: in Alchymia" in 1615. The book is noted for its selection of hermetic inspired prints.
  • The Ozo is a trend in the life of the people much like the practice of Jewish cabala.

  • War broke out again at the end of his reign and he died in the Carthaginian defeat of the Battle of Cabala, he was succeeded by his son, also called Mago "Himilco Mago" who led the Carthaginians to a great victory against Dionysius at the battle of Cronium.
  • Its appearance in Tübingen drew enough interest that a "Society Naometrica" was formed, which included Bible and cabala scholar Tobias Hess and Lutheran theologian Johann Valentin Andreä.
  • The Battle of Cabala was fought in Sicily between Carthage and Syracuse. Syracuse was victorious.
  • 378/375 BCE: Mago defeated and killed at Battle of Cabala in central Sicily by the Syracusan army.
  • Perseverando also added four additional petals to the traditional Rose Cross to accommodate the English alphabet in what he calls "the English rose" with the three central letters being AUM, and posits that in so doing, the "order & value of the English Alphabet" of AL II:55 provides a true working cabala and magical alphabet.

  • His notable writings include "Christian Interpretation of the Cabala in the Renaissance" (1944); "Men and Movements in American Philosophy" (1952); "The Story of Jewish Philosophy" (1962), "The Jews of the United States, 1790–1840" (co-edited with Salo Baron, 1963), and "Judaism in America" (1976).
  • "Cabalodontia" is a genus of fungi in the family Steccherinaceae. The genus was circumscribed by Marcen Piątek in 2004 for five species formerly placed in "Phlebia". It is named in honour of Polish phycologist Jolanta Cabała. The type species, "C. queletii", has an "odontoid" hymenophore featuring toothlike projections.
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