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carved woodgeschnitztes Holz {n}
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Übersetzung für 'carved wood' von Englisch nach Deutsch

carved wood
geschnitztes Holz {n}
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  • By contrast with Mamluk structures to the east, Moroccan and Maghrebi madrasas were not prominently distinguishable from the outside except for an ornate entrance portal decorated with carved wood and stucco.
  • A wooden hat block is an intricately carved wood form shaped by skillful woodworkers.
  • The highly ornamented pedestal was made in the reign of Rama I of carved wood and then gilded in gold leaf.
  • The most important manufactured goods produced in the city are jade, textiles and amber, although others such as ceramics, metal works, carved wood products, clothing and filigree jewelry can be found as well.
  • The material of which the frieze is made of may be plasterwork, carved wood or other decorative medium.
  • This often takes the form of an eagle of brass or carved wood which supports the book on its outstretched wings and is the symbol of John the Evangelist.
  • The 16 feet high carved wood crucifix is one of Asia's largest crosses.
  • On 2 May 2012, Barlach's carved wood sculpture "Weinende Frau" sold at Christie's for $938,500, setting a new world auction record for a price paid for Barlach's work.
  • These include under-painted vellum, Victorian carved wood and papier-mâché bindings, French art nouveau bookbinding and bindings by Bernard C.
  • Antique examples of "maneki-neko" may be made of carved wood, stone and metal, handmade porcelain or cast iron.
  • During the 1970s, the church's original carved wood altars were removed and its 19th-century wood trim was painted over.
  • The interior is also embellished with carved wood and bronze balustrades, mosaic floors, marble and plaster detailing and decorative works, and stained glass windows.
  • He went so far as to seize gold and silver utensils used in church services, and even several pillars and carved wood sculptures, from the churches, and use them for profane purposes.
  • The Museo Elisa Cendreros exhibits an old collection of fans and carved wood.
  • The possibilities of this art form, using carved wood or wood composition, a shining white "skin" lacquer called [...] made from ground oystershell and glue, and textiles, were vast.
  • The pressed-top instruments are made to appear the same as the carved-top instruments; however, the pressed tops do not sound the same as the carved-wood tops.
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