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NOUN   a catharsis | catharses
SYNO abreaction | catharsis | katharsis | ...
catharsisEntspannung {f}
catharsisLäuterung {f}
catharsisKatharsis {f}
Entschlackung {f} [des Darms]
Darmabführung {f}
Affektabfuhr {f}
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  • Else is substantially credited with the refinement of Aristotelian scholarship in aesthetics in the 20th century to expand the reading of "catharsis" alone to include the aesthetic triad of "mimesis", "hamartia", and "catharsis" as all essentially linked to each other.
  • In his works prior to the "Poetics", Aristotle had used the term "catharsis" purely in its literal medical sense (usually referring to the evacuation of the "katamenia"—the menstrual fluid or other reproductive material) from the patient.
  • His medical interpretation of catharsis greatly influenced Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud.
  • Winter 2018. Walsh has described the show as "part catharsis, part entertainment...a reassessment".
  • The concept of bibliotherapy has widened over time, to include self-help manuals without therapeutic intervention, or a therapist "prescribing" a movie that might provide needed catharsis to a client.

  • The "Tractatus" states that comedy invokes laughter and pleasure, thus purging those emotions (catharsis), in a manner parallel to the description of tragedy in the "Poetics".
  • Lois participates in a benediction or blessing in the chapel with her brother. She is overcome by the experience and collapses into his arms. She undergoes an emotional catharsis.
  • The film was released on 22 February 2019 on Netflix. Firebrand is a contemporary story of self-discovery and catharsis. This was Aruna Raje's comeback movie after a 15-year absence.
  • I think of my art as a way of being vulnerable, an exercise in catharsis, and a reflection of my ugliness that can exalt shame.
  • The protagonists in Šojat’s stories are highly engaged in the dramatic process of catharsis.

  • it took him five years to write the novel, and he called it "the opposite of catharsis.
  • 1978 signalled a new creative period in his life, undergoing a kind of rebirth and unique catharsis. A breakthrough which began a new exhibiting phase in the artist's biography.
  • Village Voice called a New York concert in November 2010 "a focused, intense performance, utterly lacking the catharsis that's metal's usual stock-in-trade".
  • Janov distinguishes the primal from emotional catharsis or abreaction, an abreaction being (according to Janov) a "pseudo-primal".
  • From a young age singing, lyrical composition, and dancing served as an outlet and catharsis for Canaan.

  • After being subsequently diagnosed with shell shock, Wolfsohn failed to recover in response to hospitalization or psychiatric treatment, but cured himself by vocalizing extreme sounds, bringing about what he described as a combination of catharsis and exorcism.
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