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NOUN   a caustic | caustics
Ätzmittel {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'caustics' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Ätzmittel {pl}chem.
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  • In two additional papers, he and Aazami found geometric universal magnification invariants of higher-order caustics occurring in lensing and caustics produced by generic general maps up to codimension five.
  • The contribution to the surface radiance from caustics is calculated using the caustics photon map directly.
  • Spent caustics are malodorous wastewaters that are difficult to treat in conventional wastewater processes.
  • Caustics are an effect of light reflected and refracted in a medium with curved interfaces or reflected off a curved surface.
  • Improvements included soft shadows, caustics, global illumination, and better atmosphere models.

  • In computer graphics, most modern rendering systems support caustics.
  • Another variation is the confinement of light by caustics.
  • He developed the equations of caustics for the general case of a surface in space and developed a method for the study of the topography of the surface from its corresponding caustics by illuminating the surface by a parallel, convergent or divergent light beam.
  • Sometimes fireflies can be reduced by various tweaks to renderer settings, for example clamping the maximum intermediate amplitude during pixel calculations, or disabling the calculation of caustics if these are not needed.
  • Integrals with degenerate saddle points naturally appear in many applications including optical caustics and the multidimensional WKB approximation in quantum mechanics.

  • The term "Airy beam" derives from the Airy integral, developed in the 1830s by Sir George Biddell Airy to explain optical caustics such as those appearing in a rainbow.
  • Similarly, for numerical methods one needs to avoid caustics (coordinate singularities).
  • 5 was released in 2002-10-23, which introduced for example caustics and global illumination rendering features.
  • When the vorticity is zero, then assuming the null energy condition, caustics will form before the affine parameter reaches [...].
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