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SYNO Cetacea | order Cetacea
Waltiere {pl}
Zetazeen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'cetacea' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Waltiere {pl}zool.T

Zetazeen {pl}zool.
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  • Raoellids may be the "missing link" sister group to whales (Cetacea).
  • In addition to lending evidence to the theory of a direct relationship between artiodactyls and cetaceans, The second states that "Ichtyolestes" and "Pakicetus" were already semi-aquatic and cetaceans originated from an earlier unknown Eocene artiodactyl, such as "Elomeryx" or "Indohyus," implying that aquatic locomotor adaptations occurred before or during the origin of Cetacea.
  • All of these parasites go through a snail to infect the lungs or vascular system of mammals, like artiodactyls, carnivores, marsupials, and cetacea.
  • Gigantism in cetacea is associated with selective pressure in favor of tumor-suppressing genes.
  • "Cetacean morbillivirus" (CeMV) is a virus that infects marine mammals in the order Cetacea, which includes dolphins, porpoises and whales.

  • Eparctocyona is a clade of placental mammals comprising the artiodactyls (even-toed ungulates), cetacea (whales and related), and the extinct condylarths.
  • The first branch contained ancestors of Cetacea; semi-aquatic protowhales such as "Pakicetus" in the group Archaeoceti, which developed into the exclusively aquatic ancestors of modern cetaceans.
  • The cetaceans became aquatic around 50 million years ago (mya).
  • The name cetyl derives from the whale oil ("cetacea" oil, from [...] , from [...]) from which it was first isolated.
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