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NOUN   chattel slavery | -
chattel slaveryBesitzsklaverei {f}
chattelHabe {f} [geh.]
chattelHab und Gut {n}
chattelbewegliches Gut {n}
bewegliche Sache {f}
Gegenstand {m} des beweglichen Vermögens
chattelbewegliche Habe {f} [geh.]
chattel paper
Sicherungs­schein {m}
chattel mortgageSicherungs­übereignung {f}
chattel personal
Mobiliärvermögen {n}
chattel [movable property]
Fahrnis {f} [bewegliches Vermögen]
slaverySklavendienst {m}
slaveryUnfreiheit {f}
slaverySklaventum {n} [geh.]
slaverySklavenhaltung {f}
slaveryKnechtschaft {f}
slaveryPlackerei {f} [ugs.]
slaverySklaverei {f}
modern slaverymoderne Sklaverei {f}
child slaveryKindersklaverei {f}
debt slaverySchuldsklaverei {f}
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  • "Slavery" is usually taken to mean chattel slavery.
  • The walking boy was a traditional form of divination practiced by African Americans on slave plantations, and the practice continued after chattel slavery.
  • Historically, industrialization, opposition to the "ancien regime" and the phasing out of chattel slavery meant that some newly developing organizations (nation-state republics, commercial corporations) evolved a need for a new paradigm with which to characterize elected politicians and job-granting employers - thus the development and theorizing of the idea of "leadership".
  • Greek attitudes towards "barbarians" developed in parallel with the growth of chattel slavery – especially in Athens.
  • In order to avoid upsetting these anti-abolitionist friends in the US, he snubbed an invitation to publicly condemn chattel slavery, sacrificing his friendship with that movement.

  • Some of the earliest sweatshop critics were found in the 19th century abolitionist movement that had originally coalesced in opposition to chattel slavery, and many abolitionists saw similarities between slavery and sweatshop work.
  • Virginia law codified chattel slavery in 1656, and in 1662 the colony adopted the principle of "partus sequitur ventrem", which classified children of slave mothers as slaves, regardless of paternity.
  • Noam Chomsky contends that there is little moral difference between chattel slavery and renting one's self to an owner or "wage slavery".
  • Chattel slavery was practiced in the Danish West Indies from at least the 1670s until the abolition of slavery in 1848.
  • He consistently expressed disapproval of perpetual chattel slavery, though generally did not object to the enslavement of captured enemy combatants for a fixed duration, a practice from which he occasionally profited.

  • The medieval Church held that Christians should not own fellow Christians as slaves, so chattel slavery diminished as a practice throughout northern Europe.
  • In this view, the destruction of chattel slavery preserved and perpetuated "bourgeois" slavery.
  • Harmonic and rhythmic features from these areas, European musical instrumentation, and the chattel slavery forced upon Black Americans all contributed to their music.
  • This also drove the expansion of African chattel slavery.
  • Born into chattel slavery, Douglass escaped and made his way to New Bedford, Boston, and New York.

  • Large-scale sugar production and chattel slavery were not established on Saint Vincent until the British assumed control.
  • After the abolition of chattel slavery in 1848, Indian indentured workers were hired to replace the plantation slaves.
  • After the war, many Confederate planters were unwilling to live by the new rules imposed by the Union's victory and the constitutional changes that followed: an end to chattel slavery, a new labor regime, and the loss of political power that came with African-American suffrage.
  • Access to literacy in the United States is affected by historical developments in media, race, immigration, and chattel slavery.
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