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chaulmoogra oilChaulmoograöl {n}
heavy-duty oil <HD oil>
Hochleistungs­öl {n}
oilÖl {n}
to oilölen
shea oilSheaöl {n}
tanning oil
Bräunungs­öl {n}
soybean oil
Sojaöl {n}
oil companies
Erdölfirmen {pl}
oil company
Erdölfirma {f}
oil market
Erdölmarkt {m}
oil trapÖlfang {m} [Abwassertechnik]
oil separator
Ölabscheider {m}
fossil oil
Steinöl {n}
fossil oil
Erdöl {n}
oil fields
Erdölvorkommen {pl} [Ölfelder]
oil field
Erdölvorkommen {n} [Ölfeld]
frying oil
Bratöl {n}
oil throwerÖlschleuder {f}
oil seed
Ölsaat {f}
oil dependenceÖlabhängigkeit {f}
thick oilDicköl {n}
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  • As part of her work with lepers on the Ivory Coast she was instrumental in promoting and popularizing the use of chemotherapy for the cure of leprosy, by orally administering chaulmoogra oil which was extracted from the seed of a tropical plant.
  • In the 1920s, people confined in the leper colony were treated with a new method devised by Alice Ball and involving chaulmoogra oil.
  • In addition, she was the first person to successfully develop a water-soluble form of chaulmoogra oil that was used for decades to relieve the symptoms of Hansen's disease (leprosy).
  • He also championed Indian chaulmoogra oil as a treatment for Hansen's disease (leprosy).
  • The family is almost exclusively tropical and is best known as the source of chaulmoogra oil, formerly used to treat leprosy.

  • Sir Leonard Rogers had been working on a treatment for leprosy based on chaulmoogra oil for several years and had recorded good results.
  • He also served as a chemist for the Wellcome Chemical Research Laboratories in London where he examined Chaulmoogra oil and its use in the treatment of leprosy.
  • With his assistants, Piper gave 32,000 injections of Chaulmoogra oil in one year.
  • In 1920, a Hawaii physician reported in the "Journal of the American Medical Association" that 78 patients had been discharged from Kalihi Hospital by the board of health examiners after treatment with injections of Ball's modified chaulmoogra oil.
  • The use of Chaulmoogra oil, first demonstrated in a Louisiana leper colony, became an effective way of treating the disease as a number of cases became negative after the first year.

  • In 1919, he worked at Kyushu Sanatorium Kikuchi Keifuen Sanatorium and studied chaulmoogra oil.
  • Since the Meiji Restoration, the popularity of clove oil decreased, and the production of chaulmoogra oil was a prospective venture.
  • Heibei Okamura (1852–1934) produced Japan's finest "Okamura's" chaulmoogra oil, between about 1892 and 1944 at Sakai, Osaka, Japan.
  • Trees of the species that yield Chaulmoogra oil grow to a height of [...] and in India trees bear fruits in August and September.
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