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cinerary {adj}Aschen-
cinerary urnAschenurne {f}
cinerary urnUrne {f} [zur Aufbewahrung von Totenasche]
cinerary vaseAschenkrug {m} [geh.] [Graburne]
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  • The Beaker-culture declined in use around 2200–2100 BC with the emergence of food vessels and cinerary urns and finally fell out of use around 1700 BC.
  • Before her death in 1929, she designed a cinerary urn that now holds the ashes of both Robineau and her husband in Syracuse, New York. and other institutions.
  • Flint tools, domestic furniture, and a cinerary (cremation ashes) box from the 1st Iron Age have been found there.
  • Only earthworks remain at the site. Roman Antiquities, such as coins, millstone and cinerary urns have been discovered near the site.
  • Of the period of Etruscan power remains a testimony in the cinerary urn in alabaster, going back to the II century B.C., found just in the necropolis of Castiglioncello.

  • Paleoliths (stone tools) have been found and there is an indication that Bronze Age cinerary urn was also found.
  • Many cinerary urns from Phoenician times thus ended up in private collections without any documentation.
  • Numerous archaeological finds such as cinerary urns, tombstones, coins, glass and even traces of road and hydraulic works, show that a primitive center already existed in Roman times.
  • In 1913–1914, there was the discovery of a Bronze Age urnfield cemetery with the excavation of 14 Deverel-Rimbury cinerary urns.
  • Scholars debate whether the heads of reclining figures on Etruscan cinerary urns are the forebears to Republican portraiture.

  • A cinerary urn was found in 1955 during excavation for a new housing estate.
  • The burials there are exclusively cinerary urns made of disintegrating unfired earth.
  • In 1955 and 1956 the archaeologist Maurizio Borda excavated a necropolis with cinerary urns.
  • It occupies 59 hectares and has a cinerary.
  • Around 2011, a receiving room was converted into a columbarium, with cinerary urns displayed behind glass for public viewing.

  • In 1840 three cinerary urns were found at Fail Mill and were donated to the Mechanics Museum in Ayr by Mr Andrew of Fail Mill.
  • This covered at least sixteen cinerary urns, mainly bucket-shaped.
  • In ancient Roman religion, "ollae" (plural) have ritual use and significance, including as cinerary urns.
  • The site was covered by sands before being exposed by a storm in 1885; in that year, it was excavated by D. Murphy and cordoned cinerary urns with cremated bones and a bronze awl were found.
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