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VERB   to cloud | clouded | clouded
clouding | clouds
SYNO clouding | clouding up
clouding overBewölkung {f}
clouding of the consciousness
Eintrübung {f} des Bewusstseins
clouding of the lens
Linsentrübung {f}
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  • In 2011 Unitel launched the GreenBerry mobile mail service, which is Mongolia's first clouding service under an exclusive agreement with SEVEN Networks, US company.
  • The interaction of the monsoon trough with western disturbances may occasionally cause dense clouding and heavy precipitation.
  • The corneal clouding can be, at least, temporarily corrected by corneal transplantation.
  • Many instruments used a polyurethane finish which is brittle, chips easily, and develops spider cracks if exposed to extremes of heat or cold. The finish is also prone to clouding.
  • Autonomous Action praises the PKK and Kurdish militias that fought off the Islamic State, as well as the Zapatista's in Mexico, though many members of the group remain weary of possible nationalistic sentiment within these resistance movements clouding anarchist thought.

  • In contrast to the nearby Upper Rhine Plain, Heidelberg's position in the valley leads to more frequent easterly winds than average. The hillsides of the Odenwald favour clouding and precipitation.
  • Other features that were found in the siblings included epilepsy and corneal clouding.
  • KB-16 is a nitrosocarbamate vesicant. KB-16 is part of the corneal clouding chemical warfare agents. KB-16 clouds the cornea for a long time.
  • The person experiences pain and a sudden severe clouding of vision, with the cornea taking on a translucent milky-white appearance known as a corneal hydrops.
  • This technique resulted in performance issues, such as oval mura (clouding effect) and color mixture (which causes color impurity and image distortion) observed at its curved edges.

  • Adults are pale dull green with greyish clouding.
  • The ground color of the forewings is whitish gray, infused with dark grayish clouding, slightly less so on the dorsal and terminal areas.
  • The costal and dorsal areas are faintly suffused with darker brown, leaving an ill-defined, whitish clouding longitudinally through the middle of the wing.
  • Alternative names for De Barsy syndrome include corneal clouding-cutis laxa-mental retardation, cutis laxa-growth deficiency syndrome, De Barsy–Moens–Diercks syndrome, and progeroid syndrome of De Barsy.
  • provides variety of services such as clouding service (Daum Cloud), Daum Dictionary (applicable on mobile devices), Daum Comics, and map service (Daum Maps).

  • Taiwanese prosecutors alleges that one of the company Yu Shen at the centre of the crisis has used 5 tonnes of DEHP every month to manufacture clouding agents which is supplied to food processing firms and pastry shops.
  • To mimic this visual effect in low-juice content soft drinks, a clouding agent is added.
  • A car with two people (presumably Cordie and Angie) drives toward a city skyline (presumably Detroit) dominated by factories clouding the sky at sunset.
  • Cataract is clouding of the lens, which in turn affects vision.
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