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square centimeter <cm², sq cm> [Am.]
Quadratzentimeter {m} {n} <cm²>
square centimetre <cm², sq cm> [Br.]
Quadratzentimeter {m} {n} <cm²>
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  • Quadratzentimeter {m} {n} <cm²> = square centimetre <cm², sq cm> [Br.]
  • Quadratzentimeter {m} {n} <cm²> = square centimeter <cm², sq cm> [Am.]
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  • The area covered by one FTU was 312 cm² in men and 257 cm² in women.
  • Again the applied light intensities can be quite low (some 100 W/cm²).
  • The annual average sunshine hours are 1903.9 hours, and the annual total radiation is 4819 kcal/cm².
  • 42×10−20 cm² at 985 nm, and the stimulated emission cross section at 1020 nm is 1.03×10−20 cm².
  • in W/sr/cm² must be computed where cm² is the emitting area.

  • 8 kg/cm² (225 psi) to 12 kg/cm² (170 psi) and made the chimneys longer to clear the smoke from the driver's view.
  • The light-producing element of these lamp types is a well-stabilized arc discharge contained within a refractory envelope arc tube with wall loading in excess of 3 W/cm² (19.4 W/in²).
  • Made of a white linen fabric with 31 warp threads per cm² for 27 weft threads, it is 43 cm wide and 111.4 cm high. One sleeve is missing, and it shows traces of blood.
  • The tensile strength is 110-135 N/cm², depending on the type of wood. This ensures for the high load capacity and pleasant vibrations of cantilever chairs made of laminated wood, for example.
  • These cells were grown in a high-glucose medium, from which a sample of 3 cm² was removed to proceed with the western blotting.

  • Compact designs are capable of reaching a watt density of up to 50W/cm² while some specialty high temperature designs can reach 100w/cm².
  • The resolution of the CPT in delineating stratigraphic layers is related to the size of the cone tip, with typical cone tips having a cross-sectional area of either 10 or 15 cm², corresponding to diameters of 3.6 and 4.4 cm.
  • The T-10 is also an electric car of 224 cm in length, 365 kg in weight, [...] top speed with a 45 km range. There is a T-10G version with a 50 cm² petrol engine for long-distance journeys.
  • Its electron mobility is 200 cm²·V&minus;1·s&minus;1 and hole mobility 400 cm²·V&minus;1·s&minus;1 at 300 K.
  • , 42 (kgf/cm²) at [...]. By the early 1990s, the quoted maximum speed was only [...].

  • The BMD-1 can climb [...] vertical obstacles, cross [...] trenches, and 30% side slopes. It can climb 60% gradients. The BMD-1 has a ground pressure of 0.57 kg/cm².
  • Altran Technologies consultants have worked during a year with the award-winning team to increase the surface area of the panel from 2.5 cm² to 10 cm²; to apply an absorbing and dispersing layer on this extra surface area; to optimize light power under different conditions; to build a demonstration model and to identify potential partners.
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