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NOUN   a coccidium | coccidia
SYNO Coccidia | order Coccidia
coccidia {pl}
Kokzidien {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'coccidia' von Englisch nach Deutsch

coccidia {pl}
Kokzidien {pl}biol.med.
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  • Parasite species include pinworms, "Ophionyssus natricus," coccidia, and "Dicrocoelidae".
  • Two major clades have been identified: the isosporoid coccidia ("Toxoplasma", "Neospora", "Isospora" part, and "Sarcocystis") and a second clade containing "Lankesterella", "Caryospora" and the eimeriid coccidia ("Cyclospora", "Isospora" part and "Eimeria").
  • The class was defined in 1988 by Levine and contains two subclasses – the coccidia and the gregarines.
  • While coccidia can infect a wide variety of animals, including humans, birds, and livestock, they are usually species-specific.
  • Several parasitic protozoans and coccidia ("Sivatoshella lonchurae") have been described from the species.

  • The species "Eimeria trauthi", a species of coccidia found in marbled salamanders ("Ambystoma opacum") was named in his honor.
  • "Lankesterella" are extra-intestinal coccidia that invades the host blood.
  • The specific name is derived from the appearance of the trophozoites which possesses aspects of both the coccidia and gregarines.
  • As it stands there are some piscine coccidia which lack Stiedal bodies and are part of other related genera.
  • The Stieda body is an organelle located at the polar region of the sporocyst of some coccidia visible with electron microscopy.

  • The lesions are sometimes exacerbated by other pathogens such as "Escherichia coli" and coccidia.
  • The biliary Eimeria-like coccidia of reptiles are classified into the genus "Choleoeimeria" and form a sister clade to the family "Eimeriidae".
  • "Karyolysus" is a genus of coccidia. With the exception of "K.
  • One is the increased ability of poultry to fight off coccidia, common bacteria responsible for an average of a 20% death rate of poultry.
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