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NOUN   a common meter | common meters
SYNO common measure | common meter
common meter [Am.]
Vagantenstrophe {f} [vierzeilige Aufeinanderfolge von jambischen Tetra- und Trimetern]
volume unit meter <VU meter>
vu-Messgerät {n}
volume unit meter <VU meter>
vu-Messer {m}
decibel meter <dB meter>
Dezibelmesser {m}
decibel meter <dB meter>
Dezibelmessgerät {n} <dB-Messgerät>
meterMeßgerät {n} [alt]
meterZähler {m}
meterMessinstrument {n}
meterMessgerät {n}
meterMessuhr {f} [z. B. zur Durchflussmessung]
meterUhr {f} [Wasseruhr, Gasuhr]
damp meter
Feuchtemessgerät {n}
integrating meter
integrierendes Messgerät {n}
resistance meter
Widerstandsmessgerät {n}
Venturi meter
Venturimeter {n}
luminance meter
Leuchtdichtemesser {m}
heat meterWärmezähler {m}
capacitance meter
Kapazitätsmeßgerät {n} [alt]
illuminance meter
Luxmeter {n} [IEC 60050]
illuminance meter
Beleuchtungs­stärkemesser {m} [IEC 60050]
meter charge
Messpreis {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The so-called ballad meter, or the common meter of the hymnodists (see also hymn), is usually thought of as a line of iambic tetrameter followed by a line of trimeter, but it can also be considered a line of heptameter with a fixed caesura at the fourth foot.
  • Found in few hymnals today, the hymn has eight stanzas in common meter and is based on Revelation 5:6, 8, 9, 10, 12.
  • Larsen composes without barlines, preferring to first discover the natural flow of a line and then refine it until she finds a common meter, giving many of her compositions a feeling of free internal rhythm.
  • These quatrains of eight and six syllables (or more loosely, lines of 4, 3, 4, and 3 beats) are known as common meter.
  • Più allegro coda, the movement is in common (...) meter.

  • These six "Roman odes", as they have since been called (by HT Plüss in 1882), share a common meter and take as a common theme the glorification of Roman virtues and the attendant glory of Rome under Augustus.
  • The Pokémon Theme song is also in common meter and people have produced videos with the Pokémon Theme instrumentals with the words of Emily Dickinson poems.
  • Since it readily fits any iambic quatrain written in couplets of eight and six syllables (common meter), singers of this version would certainly have had no trouble finding lyrics to accompany it.
  • The first eight lines are a variation of common meter double, consisting of iambic trimeter lines rhyming ABAB.
  • Each eight-line stanza combines four lines in the rhyme scheme of traditional common meter (abab) followed by four lines in ballad meter (abcb).

  • For example, a couplet may be two lines with identical meters which rhyme or two lines held together by a common meter alone.
  • The time signature is a common meter yet it is a complex piece to master due to the hidden melodies and syncopation.
  • Set to the common meter, the recommended melodies are St.
  • Tate and Brady's (1696) metrical psalms, among others, also use this figure: "As pants the hart for cooling streams" for its common meter (CM) rendering of the Psalm 42 text.
  • The tune and words can be matched by matching the meter; each meter is a specification of line length and (implicitly) stressed syllables; if a tune is in Common Meter, any set of Common Meter words can go with it.

  • For example, in the case of allocating the potable water bill in a house with only one common meter, the water consumption could be divided according to the number of occupants per apartment or the apartment's net dwelling area in m [...].
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