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NOUN   a constriction | constrictions
SYNO bottleneck | chokepoint | coarctation | ...
constrictionVerengung {f}
constrictionEinengung {f}
constrictionBeengtheit {f}
constrictionEngstelle {f}
constrictionEinschnürung {f}
Einklemmung {f} [Darm]
constrictionBeengung {f}
Striktur {f}
constriction [tourniquet etc.]
Abbinden {n} [Druckverband etc.]
constrictionEngführung {f}
constrictionEinschnüren {n}
constrictionKonstriktion {f}
constrictionZusammenziehung {f}
2 Wörter
road constriction
Fahrbahnverengung {f}
vascular constriction
Gefäßverengung {f}
3 Wörter
amniotic band constriction
Amniotisches-Band-Syndrom {n} <ABS>
constriction of pupils
Pupillenkonstriktion {f}
feeling of constriction [mostly caused by anxiety]
Beklemmungs­gefühl {n}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The aperture of macroconch "Duashnoceras" is simple, a constriction followed by an elevated lip.
  • A constriction response (miosis), is the narrowing of the pupil, which may be caused by scleral buckles or drugs such as opiates/opioids or anti-hypertension medications.
  • Since Myosins are recruited to the medial region, the contractile forces acting on the cortex resemble a 'purse string' constriction pulling inwards.
  • A common method of expressing the amount of constriction is by "points".
  • "C. h. monticollaris" is nonvenomous. It kills instead by constriction.

  • Maximum-reading is achieved by means of a constriction in the neck close to the bulb.
  • Secondary constrictions are the constricted or the narrow region found at any point of the chromosome other than that of centromere (primary constriction).
  • Of the five or six rings involved in chloroplast division, only the outer plastid-dividing ring is present for the entire constriction and division phase—while the Z-ring forms first, constriction does not begin until the outer plastid-dividing ring forms.
  • Higher light intensity causes pupil constriction, and the increase of light stimulation of one eye will cause pupillary constriction of both eyes.
  • Tidal race or tidal rapid is a natural occurrence whereby a fast-moving tide passes through a constriction, resulting in the formation of waves, eddies and hazardous currents.

  • In patients with diabetes mellitus, those suffering from cardiovascular disease showed significant differences in arterial maximum constriction after flicker light stimulation compared to patients with diabetes but without cardiovascular disease.
  • The influx of calcium induces a constriction response in the mitochondria.
  • If properly designed, the electrical resistance of the constriction will dominate in the total electrical resistance of the circuit.
  • All modern 1301 shotguns, much like their A400 counterparts, make use of a Beretta proprietary choke constriction system known as "Optima-HP".
  • One of the most severe consequence of constriction strains is probably intrauterine amputations, this is where the constriction goes as deep as the bone and cuts off the blood supply of the proximal extremity.

  • It is experimentally proven to be directly associated with smooth stomach muscle constriction of white rats "in vivo", and variably effective in provoking a similar response in "in vitro" human stomach cells.
  • Sounds which are made by a full or partial constriction of the vocal tract are called consonants.
  • This species is the only garter snake species with a well-documented tendency to constrict prey, although the constriction is inefficient when compared with the constriction of many other snakes (such as the gopher snake), involving disorganized, loose, and sometimes unstable coils and a longer time required to kill prey.
  • California kingsnakes are non-venomous and kill prey by constriction; they are the strongest constrictors proportionate to body size of any snakes.
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