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constrictive pericarditis
konstriktive Perikarditis {f}
constrictive pericarditis <CP> [Pericarditis constrictiva (calcarea)]
Panzerherz {n} [konstriktive Perikarditis]
Perikarditis {f}
Herzbeutelentzündung {f}
acute pericarditis <AP>
akute Perikarditis {f}
constrictive {adj}einengend
constrictive {adj}beschränkt
constrictive {adj}einschränkend
vaso-constrictive {adj}
constrictive bronchiolitis <CB> [Bronchiolitis obliterans]
konstriktive Bronchiolitis {f} [Bronchiolitis obliterans]
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  • Other causes include abdominal compartment syndrome, severe aortic valve stenosis, and disorders of the aorta. Constrictive pericarditis is a rare cause.
  • He was honored several times by the American Medical Association for work on chronic postpneumonic empyema, and pericardiectomy for chronic constrictive pericarditis.
  • Schmieden is remembered for his work with Franz Volhard (1872-1950) in the establishment of pericardectomy for the treatment of constrictive pericarditis.
  • Volhard recognized that constrictive pericarditis was a treatable condition, and as a result of his research with Viktor Schmieden (1874–1945), it led to the first pericardectomy for constrictive pericarditis.
  • Pericardial effusion may also be seen in pulmonary hypertension. Thickening of pericardium more than 4 mm or pericardial calcification indicates constrictive pericarditis.

  • His father died of pneumonia on April 28, 1943, after hospitalization for constrictive pericarditis and Libman-Sacks endocarditis, at the age of 46, just prior to Olds' graduation from West Point.
  • Swelling of the legs due to peripheral edema can also occur, however, if the PLE is related to a systemic disease such as congestive heart failure or constrictive pericarditis, then the symptoms could be of the primary disease development.
  • Complications for BCI are rare but can include delayed rupture of the heart, complete AV block, heart failure, pericardial effusion and constrictive pericarditis.
  • 2-dimensional and Doppler studies are necessary to distinguish RCM from constrictive pericarditis.
  • Moscoe's own campaign for re-election in 2003 was complicated by a heart virus, which resulted in a rare condition known constrictive pericarditis.

  • An exaggerated "y" wave or diastolic collapse of the neck veins from constrictive pericarditis is referred to as Friedreich's sign.
  • With cardiac tamponade, jugular veins are distended and typically show a prominent x descent and an absent y descent as opposed to patients with constrictive pericarditis (prominent x and y descent), see Beck's triad.
  • Constrictive pericarditis is a medical condition characterized by a thickened, fibrotic pericardium, limiting the heart's ability to function normally.
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